Seeker (Seeker, #1) Seeker question

I'm not a psychologist, but...
Maria Piquet Maria (last edited May 03, 2015 09:53AM ) May 03, 2015 09:51AM
Does anyone else think it would have been much more effective to, instead of feeding stories to Quin and Shinobu about noble Seekers saving innocents and killing tyrants, to brainwash them into thinking that killing was their duty to their family, their heritage, their sustenance, or whatever?

I mean, it seems pretty irrational to me to raise these two kids believing one thing and then expect them to live out the rest of their lives doing exactly the opposite without any repercussions. Assassins are nothing new, but I doubt many go into their "profession" thinking they're doing it for the good of mankind. That would just make for a lousy assassin.

Anyways, this premise totally killed the plot for me -- I just wasn't buying it.

its creepy right?

This book was terrible.

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