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TV show: Orphan Black

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message 1: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Jackson (paperbackdiva) | 15 comments I would love to talk about this show. Anyone interested?

message 2: by meghann (new)

meghann (megs182) | 140 comments This is one of my favorites! So so good.

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica  (jessical1961) Never heard of it! When and what channel is it on? What is it about?

message 4: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Jackson (paperbackdiva) | 15 comments Its on BBC America, Just started the 3rd season a couple weeks ago. I haven't come across another discussion group for it.

It started out with a young woman, Sarah (played by the amazing Tatiana Masley). She's a bit of a wild thing and grifter. The opening showed her coming home to be more responsible for her young daughter whose been cared for the last several years by Sarah's foster mom and foster brother. !st show she's standing in a subway station talking on the phone to the mom when down the platform she sees a woman turn and look at her and the woman is her doppelganger! Except she's more conservatively dressed. The next moment, the stranger turns and steps off the platform in front of a speeding train. Damn! Sarah and me are both speechless. But Sarah, ever the opportunist, notices that the woman had left her purse on the platform. While everyone else is scurrying around the 'accident', Sarah strolls up, grabs the purse and hurrys away. Money, id, and keys in the purse, so she goes to the woman's apartment. Gradually we learn that Sarah is 'a runaway clone' in a huge convoluted secret experiment.

At this point, I think there have been like 9-15 clones discovered. 5 or 6 are regular characters. Tatiana, the actress, is so good, that I can actually tell when she's one clone impersonating one of her 'sisters'. lol!

This season opened with the discovery of another secret group of male clones. It's awesome. I hope they can keep up the quality.

message 5: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Jackson (paperbackdiva) | 15 comments Season 3 Episode 1 *** spoiler alert***

Damn! Who would have thought from that geeky farm boy of the Proletheans that he was hiding a body like that under his plaids and corduroys? I'm always startled by the BBC's more casual approach to back nudity anyway. But when that male clone in the glass cage --- forgive me, it'll take awhile to get all their names straight and we did get introduced to a bunch at once--- appeared, doing pull-ups in the nude, I went 'Holy Cow!'. Ari Millen, the actor, is not my ideal of male beauty but there is definitely something hawt! about that strength and physicality. He's so totally confident too, and intense in a threatening way. Lordy! I think I'm going to like the Castor clones as much as the sisters. Then his brother with the mustache--a stone cold killer but the loyalty to his brother is just wow.

Other than the male clones, I got a kick out of Sarah, impersonating Rachel, attacking that pervert Ferdinand. Another evil haha! from me.

The opening dream sequence of Helena's pregnancy was so surreal.

Rachel with her eye surgery. I had to look away from the screen. I'm so squeemish.

Felix and Sarah talking on the beach. Felix is like the moral compass of Sarah and Allison, isn't he. He seems so out there, but he's got pretty conservative values. He's protective of those he loves and the first to warn of trouble.

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