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message 1: by Mindy (new)

Mindy Diamond I love historical fiction, but lately I've been finding most historical books written in a Shakespearean tone...
okay maybe I'm exaggerating but although I have a deep love for college level literature, most of the time I read to relax. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions of YA historical fiction with an easy, light tone. (Not easy as in lacking drama, but as in lacking the need to read with a dictionary on your lap)

Thanks! Some books I loved were Belle Epoque, Hazel, The Minister's Daughter, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Behind the Masks, and A City Tossed and Broken.

message 2: by The Book Queen (new)

The Book Queen | 4 comments I'm not sure if you like historical romance, but I loved this duology: Dusk is the first book. I hate romance in books, and this is the only primarily romance novel (to date) I have ever enjoyed, so I definitely recommend it.

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