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Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) | 21 comments Here we are! So here's my idea:

Okay so the setting is in a kingdom of sorts, and this is back in the day of kings and queens and witches and all those things. But a darkness is rising in the kingdom, a powerful evil wizard growing strong under the nose of the king. But there is a prophecy, claiming that a young, noble dragon rider will rise up to slay the wizard. But first, in order for the dragon rider to obtain this dragon, he needs to save the princess, who has been captured by this said dragon. Only then will he be able to fulfill his destiny. On his journey, he meets friends and foes, one in particular he begins to fall in love with. But the problem is, she happens to be the daughter of the dark wizard, though she isn't evil like him. She helps the dragon rider save the princess, but what will happen when he realizes her secret? Will he still be able to save the damsel from the dragon, and fulfill the prophecy?

The only thing I ask is that I get to be the dragon rider. You can be the dragon of course, and also the dark wizards daughter, and if you like, also the dark wizard but I don't mind taking that role, same goes for the princess. Obviously there are going to be a lot of other lesser characters, but the main characters are the dragon rider, the dragon, the dark wizard, and the dark wizards daughter. The princess is sort of important I guess, but not really so I wouldn't worry about a sheet for her. Just a fair warning, I love detail, but don't feel like you have to match the length c: All I ask is no one liners :D

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I get to be the princess right

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Cause i love love

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) | 21 comments Yeah you can be the princess! are you up for it then? :D

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) | 21 comments I guess I'll be the king then, and the dark wizard?

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Ok then im the princess and dark wizarda daughter. So how do we start

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) | 21 comments Well I'm going to work on some character sheets for the characters I'll be playing; like I said, I like a lot of detail, and so I like to have some references to go off of c:

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) | 21 comments I probably won't having anything up until tomorrow though; I need to go to bed sorry!

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Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) | 21 comments So are you gonna be doing some character sheets too or....?

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