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message 1: by Max (new)

Max S (a_bookish_gift) | 239 comments That'd be awesome. By the way, I'd really love to do something with some world-building since I love to write such things down, like the history and backstory of the world, and whatever.
Sorry if you don't like to do that, but I think it would be really neat. ;)) I love fantasy, anyway.

message 2: by Max (new)

Max S (a_bookish_gift) | 239 comments Not sure, precisely. I love assassins, kingdoms struggling with power, people trying to claim a throne, and also I like a bit of gore and violence. Do you have a plot idea that we could go off of?
Also, maybe we could make more than one kingdom so the world is more vast, complex, and enjoyable?

message 3: by Max (new)

Max S (a_bookish_gift) | 239 comments That sounds really cool. Will the assassin group have their own kingdom, or will they live in a remote place and then join in with the political battle where the other kingdoms are?

message 4: by Max (new)

Max S (a_bookish_gift) | 239 comments Sounds cool. I'd like to have a little bit of an Assassin's Creed vibe, but not too much like it. So, they are killing the opposition, like the opposite, of their rank, of their group? That's why the couple of assassins are going out through the fences--and then go to the other kingdoms to finally kill their targets.

message 5: by Max (new)

Max S (a_bookish_gift) | 239 comments Ah, okay. I understand. But, still, that's not much of a complete plot... hmm...

message 6: by Max (new)

Max S (a_bookish_gift) | 239 comments Actually, I think that's enough. We'll build it up as we go. But, just to be clear: they aren't killing the ambassadors, correct?

message 7: by Max (new)

Max S (a_bookish_gift) | 239 comments Cool.

message 8: by Max (new)

Max S (a_bookish_gift) | 239 comments Yep. I've already got a character made. But did you want a history of my character?

message 9: by Max (new)

Max S (a_bookish_gift) | 239 comments
Lucas Darin Arkwood

23 | ʂιɳɠʅҽ | ԃҽʂƚɾυƈƚιʋҽ | ԃαɳɠҽɾσυʂ | ɱყʂƚҽɾισυʂ

D E S C R I P T I O N:

Lucas flicked his crystal blue eyes to the left, shadows dancing across the alley, and took off down the street. His lanky figure played with the shadows as he wore his casual grim smile, lurking through the darkness of the looming night. He felt like this night in particular was growing on him. His wavy blonde hair blew in the gentle, silent breeze as a sudden and harsh wind came upon him. The government must have done this. They had done too much to the world, anyways. He lifted his thick eyebrows and bit his bottom full lip before sighing and making his way through to the corner of the alley, placing his back against the crumbling brick wall.

message 10: by Max (new)

Max S (a_bookish_gift) | 239 comments Ah, okay. Cool.

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