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Laurie Jean Cannady
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Laurie Jean Cannady (goodreadscomlauriejeancannady) | 1 comments Should be added to the following profile:

Please provide:
* Title--Crave: Sojourn of a Hungry Soul
* Author(s) name(s)--Laurie Jean Cannady
* ISBN (or ASIN)--0989753298
* Publisher--Etruscan Press
* Publication date--November 10, 2015
* Format-Paperback

* Description--Crave is a coming-of-age memoir that chronicles a young girl's journey through abuse and impoverishment. The effusive narration descends into the depths of personal and sexual degradation, perpetual hunger for food, safety and survival. While moving through gritty exposés of poverty, abuse, and starvation, Crave renders a continuing search for sustenance that simply will not die.

Laurie Jean Cannady is most recognizable through her voice. Lyrical and august, yet strangely intimate, her lucid memory for the texture of daily existence weaves the reader into the fabric of the story. We discover that the most slender threads bind the strongest.

It is no surprise this memoir is a narrative about a victim who becomes a survivor. Cannady is assertive, motivational, and unafraid to reach her target audience: women, African Americans, high-school students, college students, survivors of physical and sexual abuse, veterans, people raised by single parents, and folks who are living in or have lived through impoverishment.

Laurie Jean Cannady, an associate professor of English at Lock Haven University, spends much of her time encouraging students to realize their true potential. She is a consummate champion of women's issues, veterans' issues, and issues affecting underprivileged youth. Cannady resides in central Pennsylvania with Chico Cannady and their three children.

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lethe | 13730 comments Your book is already in the database:

The description must be as neutral as possible, so I had to edit it a bit. The last paragraph would be great for your author profile, but first I have to know if the other book on this profile is yours as well:

If it is, you can claim this profile by clicking on the 'is this you?' link at the bottom of the page. After approval, your user profile and author profile will be merged.

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