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Jessica Baibak | 1 comments Name- Juliette Anderson
Gender- Female
Faction of origin- Erudite
Image- https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...
Hair color- Red straight
Eye color- green
Height- 5 foot 5 inches
Body type- thin a little tall
Skin type- light tan
Any distinguishable markings- N/A
Personality- She is a intelligent, bullheaded stubborn girl. She very, very kind person but has a short temperament. Juliette is the type to scream back, she will not cry or break, so that everyone one can see her for who she is, as a girl who needs to be pitied, she can't take it, she hates if someone pitied her. If a person were has snide comment she will have a come back twice as good. If she gets in a fist fight she will fight until her or her opponent can no longer go on, she will not back down if she is mentally or physically damaged in a fight, because that's the way she thinks. She has a great sense of humor and is not shy. Oddly for a girl she has a dirty mind set.
Father- Aaron Anderson, 40 years old, He is a kind person, with a short temper, but has never hit anyone. If mad he makes it so people will get mad themselves along with confused.
Mother- Kate Anderson Deceased at age 38 ( when Juliette was 14) she died trying to help Juliette when she got hurt. Juliette got hurt and her mom ran down the stairs to help but she tripped and fell, her mom broke her neck and died.
Sister- Alli Anderson age 7 twins of James, she is the pesky sister wow love to pick on her brother and looks up to her older sister.
Brother- James Anderson age 7 twins of Alli, he loves to be the know it all sibling trying the hardest in school.
History- Juliette's father has been having trouble taking care of three kids after her mother passed, in which she became the motherly figure to her five year old brother and sister. She has been struggling with her moms death ands has always blamed her self. She never has been smart enough to be in Erudite, she could never out do the other kids in test. She always has been very fascinated with fighting and keeping people in the city a lined. She has never asked herself what she wanted, she always has went along with everyone and everything.

Fear of burning to death
Fear of loss
Fear of her true self
Fear of freezing to death
Fear of being trapped by something she needs to be and doesn't want to be.
Fear of falling
Fear of being torched
Fear of not being for given
Fear of bleeding to death
Fear of being electrocuted
Fear of confinement
Fear of not being smart enough
- to exercise
- to joke around
- test people's limits
- teaching
- push herself in anyway you can
- people who overly try to help
- being last
- feeling weak
- feeling afraid
- feeling helpless
- killing unless mandatory
Psychological- mothers death
Physical- she will break herself because that's the only way she can make herself feel better
Refuses to give up
Excellent marksman
Great persuader
Great in hand to hand combat
Won't leave a man behind
Has a great drive to not give up

Weapon of choice:
Rifle then hands
Faction they want to go into: Dauntless
Aptitude test results:
Faction they choose at the ceremony:

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Did you finish the template?

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