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Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (birdsong231) You may use any template, but please make sure it has this, and in this order:

Join a Clan: (Yes, maybe, no)
Picture: (Optional)
History: (Optional)

**Please read**
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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 13 comments Name: Mittens

Gender: She-cat

Age: 20 moons

Join A Clan?: Maybe...

Rank: Kittypet

Personality: Even though Mittens is a kittypet, she loves to go into the forest. She is very feisty, and her personality has gotten her into a few fights with the other cats she lives with on the farm. She can be shy to strangers, but becomes more open when she gets to know the cat better.


A white and black cat, with white paws and green eyes. She also has some grey fur. (Not from old age!)



[image error]

Crush/Mate: None, open

Kits: None

Kin: The cats listed below are not her real kin, but they are like family. The whereabouts of her real kin are currently unknown.

- Oreo- She-cat-23 moons-OPEN
- Max- Tom- 27 moons- OPEN
-Luna- She-cat- 21 moons- OPEN
- Timber Wolf- Tom-Brother=Bear- 20 moons- OPEN
- Bear- Tom- Brother=T-Wolf- 20 moons- OPEN
- Kate- She-Cat- 27 moons- OPEN
- Washy- She-Cat- 27 moons- OPEN
(Please PM me if you would like one of these cats. Credit for these names goes to my friend Emme, who lives on a farm with all of these cats. RIP Washy, Emme's favorite cat, who died to a monster (car).)

Mittens was found in an alleyway when she was one moon old. She was then taken to the animal shelter, which is where her current owner found her. He took her home to a farm, and she now lives with 7 cats on the farm that are like family to her. Once when she was in the forest hunting she saw a group of cats in the forest. Ever since then she has been interested in finding them, but has had no luck.

Other: N/A

Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (birdsong231) Mittens

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