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Ashley Basile (ahunsicker) | 280 comments Hey everyone!

Here is where we'll be discussing our May Book of the Month, Written in Red. We invite you to rate, review, dish, and post spoilers (as long as you use the spoiler HTML code)!

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Let's get started!

Ellen Bard (ellenbard) | 4 comments One of the things I *love* about this series (and Anne Bishop generally) is the way she takes male-female differences and doesn't stereotype them, but does have fun with them. And she (view spoiler)

I loved the dynamic between the main characters, the world building, and have actually both read it and then listened to the audio book. I found this a great read.


Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) I have been meaning to start this one forever (tried a few times for other challenges and discussions but seemed like favorite authors would pick then to release something I just had to read that very instant...). Friends who know my reading tastes think it will take a bit before
I'll get into.

Maria | 8 comments I loved this series. It feels fresh and vivid, fleshed out without falling into some of the more common Urban Fantasy pitfalls.

Lindsey (ucdlindsey) This is a favorite of mine as well, I've read all 3 in the series so far. I always enjoy a unique take on the classic vampire and werewolf. I think the world building in this series is superb, and I love the alternate history world of the Others, where humans are painted in a slightly different light. It's also fun watching (view spoiler)

Brianna | 43 comments I like this book, and its sequel. But I don't love it. The world is amazing, and I love that the creatures aren't just scary humans. But the pace often drags for me, especially because I don't really like books with multiple POV's.

Lindsey (ucdlindsey) Brianna wrote: "I like this book, and its sequel. But I don't love it. The world is amazing, and I love that the creatures aren't just scary humans. But the pace often drags for me, especially because I don't really like books with multiple POV's."

Agree multiple POVs aren't for everyone. I've read books where I thought they were done badly and really threw off the story. For me personally, Written in Red and its sequels have just enough of the multiple POVs. I think we get to hear the most from Meg, but I enjoy getting a glimpse of Simon's perspective, and the sections from other secondary characters are pretty minimal but don't bother me.

This reminds me of A Game of Thrones which I read recently, talk about multiple points of view! It took me some time to get into the book and keep all the characters straight, as we were seeing the story move along via so many different characters. I ended up really loving that book though despite the early confusion, and the insight into the different characters made me more attached to them. To each his/her own. :)

Samantha | 25 comments I am about 30% in the book and I am enjoying it. This world is really different.

MadameZelda I finished Written in Red last night and am awed by this author. Although it dragged in the beginning, I can see how Ms. Bishop was setting the scene. She has a different take on humans and nonhumans which was mind-blowing to me. When the pace picked up, I could not put the book down. Ms. Bishop's writing style is easy and flows. It was I who had to stop while reading and ponder.

Samantha | 25 comments I enjoyed it as well. She created a fascinating world. I can't wait to go further in the series.

Amyiw | 175 comments Anne Bishop really creates a new perspective on urban fantasy and the shifters, vampires, elementals, scene here. I didn't think it moved any slower than any other first book of a series with a new world to learn, in fact I thought it moved pretty well through the introduction. Magic Bites was my bane to get through the intro, but ended being a favorite. This sped up pretty quickly for me and kept me glued.

To me there were several points that make this very different.
1. 3rd person POV. I really enjoyed seeing the world develop with more than a one person description.
2. the main female character is not a kiss ass personality.
3. the paranormal population doesn't really socialize with humans, nor particularly like them.
4. in many ways, Meg is a buffer and learning tool for the paranormals. She is a innocent human with a gift and it creates a want to protect from them.

Most UF has a kiss ass main character or one that becomes one in the first book, Kate Daniels, Mercy Thompson, Anita Blake, Cat (from Night Huntress), Elena (Guild Hunter), Merit (Chicagoland Vamps), Rachel Morgan, etc... This was such a welcome change to that. Even without that there was a lot of action going on. I love that it is mainly her trying to figure out the world and where is can stay. She wants to protect her new friends but really she doesn't know how and is learning the deceptions of so many.

I loved the book and the new world so much that I went on and read the next two in the series and wished that there were more. It is going to be like Patricia Briggs where I'm just wanting for the next one to come out. A new favorite for me.

Lindsey (ucdlindsey) So glad everyone is enjoying this one :) It's a new favorite series of mine as well

Allyson | 10 comments I love the realms Anne Bishops creates and have put reading this series off (despite the Black Jewels trilogy being one of my all-time favourites and most read novels on my shelves). And let me just say I so right to put it off. So I’m not sure if I’m gratefully or angry that this month’s challenge gave me the excuse I was looking for to pick up the book and throw myself into it.
I've already read written in Red twice and listened once on audiobook with my dyslectic husband in the space of a week. Now many of you would be wondering why given I love it so much I've been putting it off well quite simply....the series is not finished and waiting for something I think is going to be awesome is a lot easier than waiting for something I know is awesome. With the former I can lie to myself but with the latter I go through withdrawals. I wonder if everyone has this problem when it comes to favourite authors and new series or am I alone in my mad musings?
I’ve now also read the second book and am currently listening to it within a few days with my husband who despite not enjoying reading is just as completely enthralled as I am and he’s already complaining about having to wait longer for audiobooks to come out as we looking forward to Marked in Flesh.

Amyiw | 175 comments I'm right there with you. Some series are never ending, what do you do with those? I feel like re-reading this too but I really should wait until the next one comes out and I'm ready. Sometimes I'll wait for two book to be published before picking a favorite series up, just because I know I'm going to be disappointed after reading just one. Sometimes I cannot wait. Recently this is occurring more and more. I have no idea what is making me less patient. Maybe the longer waiting periods.

Allyson | 10 comments Lol I very much think it is in part due to the longer wait times. It seems its taking longer and longer for an author to bring new books out which is slightly frustrating to say the least. I just keep reminding myself that the wait is usually worth it.

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