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message 1: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (1979semi-finalist) | 18 comments Hi
Again one of my books is being assigned to another Kelly Thompson.

This comic book Jem and The Holograms #2:

Belongs to me:

The artist credited is also wrong. This is the correct artist:



message 2: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 20061 comments Book moved to your profile & illustrator corrected. Auto imports always go to the single-space author name profile; your profile uses 2 spaces between the names.

message 3: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (1979semi-finalist) | 18 comments Thanks for correcting!

So for every issue of a comic I write (there are many on the horizon) and all future books, they're all going to default to the wrong author when someone sets them up and I'm going to have to do this for every issue?

Any way around this (for everyone's sake?)


message 4: by Renske (last edited May 02, 2015 11:00PM) (new)

Renske | 11002 comments In this case it is more logic that you are the single-space profile and the other profile the second profile. It could mean you get sometimes a book by the other author on your profile, but as you know we can move those. Only the staff can make this change so I will make a request in the special thread.

message 5: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (1979semi-finalist) | 18 comments Thanks so much!


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