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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Father kills his daughter mother . The daughter gets away somehow and starts dating this rich guy and soon is both plastered on magazines drawing the attention of her father who is now coming after her [s]

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message 1: by Layla (new)

Layla Nelli | 4 comments This girl and this guy is dating but the guy is rich and this girl is middle class . Her father was abusive drunk or something but only hit the mother and not her . The father had a special nick name for the girl it I don't remember but the girl would always have flashback of when she was young. The girl witness the father shoot the mother , she ends up running away somehow. When she meets this rich guy She is seen in the magazines and now the father is taunting her about just because she is with a rich guy he can still kill her . The rich guy order security guards to protect other and she haves this nice friend who lives right next to her . The father finds her and kills the security guards and her friend. And almost kills her but she picks up the gun and kills him .. But while this happens she haves this flash back when the father gives the mother his gun and tells her to shoot him but easily takes the gun from her and shoots her right in the head . The details are all over the place but help me please

message 2: by Ananya (new)

Ananya Mathur (1202ananya) | 1 comments It sounds like Up In the Air series... I'm like 97% sure..

message 3: by Layla (new)

Layla Nelli | 4 comments Omg thank you so much !! I read it just wanted to recommend it to my friend the plot was so good ,especially the father .

message 4: by Kris (new)

Kris | 33225 comments Mod
Shelved the first book in the series - In Flight by R.K. Lilley.

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