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message 1: by Melissa (last edited May 02, 2015 04:26PM) (new)

Melissa | 1159 comments Mod
We are going to read about crafting this month. Crafting can be anything that you make yourself.

I am going to leave this open to fiction and non-fiction so long as the fiction really focuses on the crafting aspects of the book.

Happy Reading!

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 1159 comments Mod
I am going to read The Runaway Quiltit is a fiction book but it really spends a lot of time on quilting.

I will browse my library for something non-fiction in the crafting section as well.

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 1159 comments Mod
It has been such a busy month I have hardly read anything or been on here.

I did find time to read The Runaway Quiltwhich was a nice story with lots of quilting in it.

I learned a lot about the history of quilting and how women used it as a social time as well as to create quilts for family to use.

This book focused on quilts being used to show stations for the underground railroad so that runaway slaves could identify places they would be safe.

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