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Mary Henning A very young woman who had been living in disguise in France to escape the Nazis returns to England. she learns that her English father(?) has left her the family home in the countryside.She goes there and begins to renovate the house,that unbeknownst to her, was built on the site of a Roman villa.she begins to have realistic dreams and waking visions of a Roman centurion she meets in the countryside. Roman mosaics are uncovered in the cellar of the house that lead her to believe that her dreams have some basis in fact.History of Roman vineyards in the area. The house has many pieces of valuable antique furniture that she is able to sell to finance repairs. Her love interest looks like the centurion in her dreams. I remember her giving a beautiful, very large tablecloth to a woman of gipsy family to make a wedding dress from. I read this book about 20 years ago.

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