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Boba | 2232 comments description
Living room
Training Dojo

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Dark Wolf (ƒōÐÅ εśÅ ¢ÅÐεŁÅ) wrote: ""Red, first time one's used that but coming from you it sounds wonderful" he said with a full smile, escorting her out to the sidewalk and out of the crowd. He raised a brow before he willed them t..."

((totally fine, gotta make dinner anyhow))

Feo smirked, "why thank you, I'll definitely be keeping it," she drawled smoothly, amused as she followed him down, unable to help the smug smirk at the turning heads, they made quite the scene. Once they were out she could basically react they were suddenly in a bedroom in what she assumed was his house and smirked up at him, "wasting no time I see," she purred playfully, a hand coming to rest on his chest.

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Boba | 2232 comments ((Well bac now))

Azazel shrugged "Well thought we get to the privacy then see where things lead from there" he said playing a little coyly though he smirked as he knew exactly what she wanted to do the rest of the night and he was all up for it. "Get comfortable, think I will get us something to drink" he said leaving her to do what she wanted while he went to the kitchen and got one of his best wines, quit a few decades old.

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((welcome back! xD))

Feo smirked at him, "sounds like a perfect plan," she purred, rolling the r, seeing his game and wasn't to eager for some fancy game before they got to business, besides the fact the temptation of tasting his blood was making her dizzy. She nodded, and once he left she took a glance around the room, eyeing it before she sat down onto the bed, laying down on her side and eyed the TV. Depending on the motivation she thought her victim, in this case partner, she would use this time to maybe strip and present herself if she felt they needed a push.

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Boba | 2232 comments ((yea just passing time while wait for stream to start))

Azazel moved quickly, gathering a bucket and ice then sitting the wine in it. After that getting two glasses and having those in one hand while he carried the bucket. All this giving Feo well enough time to present herself and tempt him into skipping the pleasantries. He made his way back and wondered if she had shifted. He also didn't mind her tasting him since he could heal near immediately after.

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Boba | 2232 comments ((busy?))

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((makes me feel better >~<))

Feo eventually ended up making herself very at home, TV on at a music channel. A soft melody floated in the room and she was laying under the blanket, her dress on the other hand had been discarded and tossed over the chair. She had an arm behind her head as she hummed along to the music. She was toying with her fangs though, running her tongue against it. She wondered how much he'd let her drink from him, she doubted she'd be killing this one, sadly but it's fine.

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Boba | 2232 comments ((I was bored while you was gone ya know XP))

Azazel walked in with a grin, noticing her dress and the music while he had his tail close the door for him, it being near another hand. "Well you really got comfortable" he said coming over and setting the wine down, popping the cork with his tail as well. "And what my dear will I find under those blankets?" he asked coyly, knowing any which way it was sexy.

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((When was I gone....? I am slowly posting back... watching a movie >~< sorry lol))

Feo's gaze flicked over to him when he entered, lips curling up in a attractive smile, her fangs revealing themselves, noticeable against her red lips. "I did," she agreed, shifting to sit up more, indifferent by the fact the blankets slipped a bit to reveal a bit of her lace bra. "Well, you see the sneak peck," she purred, referring to the bit of bra she uncovered, "but I think you'll enjoy it," she replied, moving closer to him.

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Boba | 2232 comments ((indeed, only one posting now >_<))

"Ah well I am quite sure I will just like the experiment you have in mind" he said with a smile, pouring them both a glass and setting it next to the bed. He noticed the fangs and thought that was why she acted like a predator so he figured he didn't mind her biting and sucking a little of his blood since he healed so fast. Her unveiling her bosom only made him more aroused and his smile wider. To make things equal he shed his coat and started unbuttoning his shirt, showing a perfect chest albeit red chest underneath.

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((xD total night owl here tends to happen probably stop soon though, then go read... >~<))

Feo chuckled, licking her bottom lip, brushing her tongue against her fangs once again, "I think you'll get a kick out of it," she responded. Most enjoyed the sensation of being bitten, only due to the release of endorphin the bite triggers. Though there are cases where the vampire refused to cause this reaction and makes their victim feel the brute of the pain. She took a glass once he'd poured them, tipping her head a bit in thanks before drawing the glass to her lips and took a sip of the wine. She definitely could appreciate the taste of the wine, knowing it was one of the better ones. She took another sip as she watched his movement when he began unbuttoning his shirt, eyeing the skin he'd exposed as she swallowed the wine. She could definitely spend some time exploring mars, if you know what she means.

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Boba | 2232 comments ((Its fine, have stream keeping me up guessing you don't))

"Also lucky I heal very well, so you won't even leave a mark" he said with a wink, saying she could do what she wanted and he'd be fine afterward. He hadn't been bitten for drawing blood before but he had been in battle and gotten various wounds from that, only making him a fiercer enemy. after he finished stripping his top he sipped his own wine smiling at the taste though he was sure sh could match or surpass it. "Well since we started this as a game, it would be your move dear" he said hinting for her to see more so did he.

((probably good plan to Pm from here))

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((nope, >~< basically just this and then have some music playing cause I like background sound... >~<))
((see ya there then, I'll continue it there....))

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Boba | 2232 comments ((Ah would make sense, I am also doing STO as well))

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((lol yeah, was working on a character previously but... xD ah busy. How's that going?))

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Boba | 2232 comments ((Aight, fighting borg to hurt klingon supply lines for some reason))

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((for some reason? xD you don't even know the reason? skill))

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Boba | 2232 comments Azazel had gotten up and made quite a breakfast being he knew centuries of food, though he hadn't cooked much. He had laid out anything normal for this meal and a few choices not usual.

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Feo was laying in the bed, still sleeping while he cooked. She eventually woke up and headed to his bathroom to use his shower, might as well. She washed herself and exited, taking advantage of his closet, which was just putting on one of his shirts since she did not feel like putting her dress on.

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Boba | 2232 comments "SO shower refreshing?" he asked as he leaned against the doorway of his bedroom after he had finished all the prepping for breakfast. He found it interesting that she did the thing most girlfriends did, putting on one of his shirts instead of getting on their own clothes.

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Feo was unfazed, not at the least ashamed or showed anything of the like when she basically got caught snooping in his shit. She only stood in front of the mirror, styling his long sleeved shirt to seem like a dress instead of a shirt. "Very," she replied smoothly, glancing at him in the mirror, "hope you don't mind me borrowing your shirt, if I'm seen in the dress I wore last night the press with have a field day," she replied with a shrug.

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Boba | 2232 comments Azazel didn't think she feel ashamed or anything similar as both of them had lived long enough it wasn't that much to him. "And the shirt feel nice?" he asked with a chuckle as he didn't care about her taking one.

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Feo finished styling the dress, being in the fashion industry had it's pros. She checked to make sure no lines looked out of place before she turned around to face him. She gave him an amused look, "very," she said, teasingly. "How do I look?"

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Boba | 2232 comments "Somehow you turned one of my shirts into a very good dress" he said with a smirk, seeing she was better at her job then she said. "Breakfast is in the kitchen if you like to join me?" he said with a wave past him.

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Feo shrugged, "lots of practice, besides wearing a guy's shirt.. might as well stick 'notice me I', doing the walk of shame," she said with a shrug, "but thank you." She nodded, knowing she didn't necessary have to eat food, she still enjoyed to though. She followed him out to the kitchen.

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Boba | 2232 comments "I think they would notice me a bit more then you" he said with a chuckle being he wasn't even fully dressed, just had loose silk pants on. He didn't think she needed to eat but he thought it might be nice to eat.

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Feo rolls her eyes, "you're not the one that has to leave," she pointed out, since it was his house. Plus a pretty girl wearing a large male shirt turned many heads, she knew they did. She followed him down, "mind if I do eventually feed off you?" she asked, since she did need blood.

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Boba | 2232 comments "True but they can stuff it as far as what I think" he said with a shrug, knowing she had a point. "I suppose as long as you don't take much yes" he said, knowing he could just teleport to the other realm and heal faster.

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Feo shrugged, "they say shit all the time," she muttered, shaking her head a bit. She chuckled as she followed him, "I promise not to drink you dry," she assured a bit teasingly.

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Boba | 2232 comments "It be near impossible to do so I think your fine" he said with a chuckle as he got her to the kitchen.

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Feo chuckled, "I wasn't the one worried," she pointed out as she glanced around the kitchen inhaling the pleasant mash of scents. "Smells heavenly," she complimented him.

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Boba | 2232 comments "The hunter usually aren't worried" he joked about her comment, knowing they both would be fine, just some good fun back and forth talking. "Have had a great deal of practice" he said, both in cooking the morning after as well cooking in general.

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Feo chuckled, knowing that wasn't true but was keen on not going into her memory or thoughts just in case he decided to listen in. She went and sat down, crossing her leg over her other, "well you made use of the time," she stated with a smile. In her years she hadn't been too focused on cooking, since she didn't need food anymore but it didn't mean she lacked skill.

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((Are we finished then or...??))

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Boba | 2232 comments ((Oh I didn't even know you responded XD we could skip through and have them talk later then as I might have another RP with him soon, after work probably))

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((lol I did, well yeah, skip the breaky and I can have her leave for work so you can rp him with someone else..??))

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Boba | 2232 comments ((Yea if thats chill though not sure when its happening))

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((it's fine don't worry. Just post back and we'll get this on the road))

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Boba | 2232 comments "Yes well I don't like wasting time even if I am immortal" he said with a nod, wondering what she was going to eat. "DO you cook at all?" he asked wondering if she had to as a vampire.

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Feo chuckled, "what is wasting time if you have the time in the world," she drawled, not believing in what she said but it was sure a though. She then collected something random and began eating. She flicked her gaze up at him when he asked, swallowing and licked her lips before speaking, "not as often as one would think, but I know how," she said with a shrug, she was often too busy to make a nice homemade meal but when she could she did, more out of a pleasure though, but rarely.

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Boba | 2232 comments "True enough though I can still die just as normal men" he said as it would take quite a blow but he could die. He took he usual food and began as well. "No time I am assuming?" he asked as she mentioned being a coven leader.

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((She never mentioned being a coven leader nor is one))

Feo nodded, "a hazard, immortality without all the perk of being immune to death," she mused and shrugged. She nodded, "rarely any free time," she agreed. She was busy either with shoots, flying, dinners, etc etc etc, then there was coming back here to preform her duty for the coven as well.

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Boba | 2232 comments ((Oh must be thinking something else, sleepy sorry))

"Indeed it is no fun being injured either" he said with a sigh as he remembered some of them. "That is rather unfortunate" he said as being a teleporter did make things easier he supposed.

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((lol it's totally fine))

Feo nodded, a memory flashing in her mind but she shoved it away immediately before it could take root. "Pain isn't ever fun," she said with a shrug, finishing up her meal. She nodded, "It's not like I need it to survive though so it's not terribly so," she responded and looked at him, "thank you for the meal, but I should be going, I have to head to work now."

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Boba | 2232 comments "A reason everyone avoids it" he said with a shrug, noding as it was true. He took more time as he didn't have anywhere to go at the moment. "Hmm, well was great time" he said as he heard she had to leave now.

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Feo nodded, "but something that always seem to occur," she responded. She stood up in that makeshift dress and chuckled, "I did so as well, maybe we could do it another time," she said with a smirk, "I will have to return your shirt anyhow," she said with a chuckle, winking at him before she was heading to the door with the dress she wore last night suddenly in hand.

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Boba | 2232 comments "Indeed it does" he said with a chuckle, flashing his pearly white teeth again. "Of course and you can keep it until next time I am sure" he said to that, not sure when she got her dress but thinking it beside the point.

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Feo chuckled and waved to him, "sure does, and then until next time Azazel," she purred, giving him a grin and a wink before she was out the door and heading off to her photo shoot.

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Kate Beach Girl | 1274 comments ((It's okay.))

"Oh my gosh. It's gorgeous, and huge!" Christina said, looking over at him. She smiled and couldn't believe how lucky she was to have found him once again.

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Boba | 2232 comments "I did well after the war, invested and such" he said with a smile at her impressed speech. "Haven't even seen the inside yet" he said unlocking the door and letting her in the rest of the home, living room first.

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