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((you guys can't be in wolf form when not of full moon))

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ ((Doesn't this group follow the full moon rule?))

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(( Reposting I guess!))

Eliza walked through the forest.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Acor Daybreak was running through the forest, his camouflage coat was zipped open, and whipped around as he ran. Suddenly, he saw a girl on the other side of a ravine. He ducked behind a fallen log in case she was from another pack.

((Which she is.))

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Eliza sighed, " Men are so stupid, come out of your hiding place," Eliza said the last part loudly.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "Crap, I was too careless." He whispered to himself. He was a pack spy, he should have known better. He slowly rose from his hiding place with his hands up, but dropped them as soon as he saw she was unarmed.

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" Are you completely idiotic?" Eliza asked.

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Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "Is an octopus eating your head?" He called back sarcastically. His mouth was covered by a black bandanna.

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" Do you even have a brain?" Eliza retorted.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Acor snickered. "Ok, that one was so desperate, I'm not even going to try to retort it." He continued walking, ignoring the annoying girl.

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Eliza growled, " Dumbass," Eliza said.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ He just brushed that one off. He was well known for his sarcastic remarks, but when someone wasn't even trying, why should he.

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Eliza smirked, she was just getting started. " At least I know who my parents are," Eliza said.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ That stopped him dead in his tracks. How could have she known that about him. "Sorry, have we met?"

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" Nope, but there's been some stories tossed around," Eliza said innocently.

♫Nicki Daughter of Hermes~Darkness courses through my viens♫ Morgenstern♫ (reader_nicki) | 412 comments Mod
((the tension, *eats popcorn* ))

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "Well, at least I am doing something to benifit my pack. I'm not just a tumor like you." He could take most insults, but that last one went to far.

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" just to let you know, your not the only one with family problems, I never exactly met my mother, so I don't know my family," Eliza said.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "Oh wow. Lets all throw a pitty party for octopus head. 1, 2, 3... Awwww. If you can't tell, you've got me pretty pissed off."

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" I know, I meant to piss you off dickhead," Eliza scoffed.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "Listen Princess. You were doing so well, and then you blew it with a lame ass comeback like that. Just calling someone a name they can hear in a mens high school locker room isn't going to do much. Here, try that last one again, but put som more creativity in it."

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" You know what, go fuck yourself, I'm not going to listen to a man who doesn't even know his own family," Eliza said loudly and clearly.

♫Nicki Daughter of Hermes~Darkness courses through my viens♫ Morgenstern♫ (reader_nicki) | 412 comments Mod
((*watches closely* this is getting intense *chews popcorn loudly))

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "You really shouldn't talk about yourself that way. If you're feeling depressed, you should go see the school guidance councelor." He put his hand up to his chin in thought. "Accually, you wouldn't look that bad in a strait jacket."

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" I could say the same for you," Eliza said.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "Maybe, if anything you say made any sence."

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" At least I have a brain, and also I know my comebacks aren't good, I never had anyone to teach me anyways," Eliza said.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "That's because you never had any friends "anyways". You're pathetic, and unwanted."

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" Yeah thanks, you really made me feel better about my life," Eliza muttered as she sat down on the ground.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "You brought this appon yourself. Don't dish it out if you can't take it." He jumped over the ravine and walked up next to her.

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" You don't understand what it's like," Eliza murmured.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "Are you... crying?" he asked looking at her more closely.

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" Yes." Eliza answered, the tears were flowing freely now.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Acor kind of just stood there awkwardly, not really sure what to do. "I'm sorry if I hurt you. Is there anything you want me to do?"

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Eliza ignored him, she kept repeating what he had said about her being pathetic and unwanted.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ The only thing he could think to do was to crouch down and hug her, hopefully breaking her out of her trance, so he did.

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Elizas eyes widened, but she just reacted as who ever else would, she hugged him back, tightly, which was on accident, but the hug was calming her down. " Do you really think of me as Pathetic and Unwanted?" Eliza asked softly into his ear.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "No, I was just defending myself." he said trying to pull out, but she was holding him too tight.

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Eliza let him go, she just stood up, she brushed off her jeans that she was wearing, " Sorry if I hugged you too tight," Eliza apologized.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "No It's fine. I need to learn when something is going to far." He said apologetically as he stood up as well.

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" I also apologize for mentioning your family, I shouldn't have gone that far either," Eliza said.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "I honestly don't care at this point. I have a new family now where I am happy and accepted, and that is good enouph for me." he responded as he started walking along the side of the ravine.

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Eliza looks up, her eyes were now red and puffy from crying, " that's good, I'm happy for you," Eliza murmurs, she was, she really was, but she didn't really show it.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "So I take that you aren't doing so hot yourself?" He asked her.

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" Nope," Eliza answers as she jumps into the low branches of a tree.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "I take it you don't really want to talk about it?" he asked watching her jump from tree to tree.

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" No I really don't," Eliza answered.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "Ok, I can respect that." He said as he continued walking.

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Eliza was glad that he didn't pester her like all the other guys, maybe he was different.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ "So what do you do for fun?" He asked her. He had royally made her depressed, so he felt like he should at least try to cheer her up.

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