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Name: Scarlett Dennison

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Crush: no one yet! ;)

Position: she is the heir to the throne of Denindell


Hair color:

Eye color:

Skin tone:

Height: 5'7

Weight: 100lbs

Personality: Funny, caring, she always protects those who are getting hurt with a fierceness that awes people. She has a temper with all who bully people.

History: When Scarlett was 12, she took sword-fighting classes, when she first came there she dressed as a boy and did her training in secret, her trainer soon realized who she was, but had grown fond of her. When she was 16, she went horseback riding. Her family jokes that she is more like a prince than a princess!

. playing the piano
. swimming
. Sword fighting

. Bullies
. People getting hurt
. play boys

. losing those she loves
. never being accepted
. not gaining her parents approval

. people in danger (she always wants to help them)
. people she cares about
. hates rain (it's her mortal enemy)

Other: none

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K thanks!

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