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Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 438 comments Name: Argent Roth
Age: 7
Gender: female
((Sorry I couldn't find any good non anime picture ^~^'))

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 438 comments So I'll start :3

Argent bit her lip hard and walked into the backyard of someone's house. She was starving and she needed food. She didn't have money so she was going to steal it. She didn't want to of course, but she was hungry. She walked to the backdoor of the house and opened it as silently as she could.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 37 comments Marianne had things to do, and such was the case as she was leaving her home. She hadn't bothered with make-up, too much in a rush to head over to the ATM. At best, she supposed she could take a couple hundred dollars and not be noticed. She didn't think she'd be going out in public for quite a while, all things considered. She could still smell the sharp coppery scent of blood, one that she rather disliked. She'd have to find a better method of killing, one that didn't have her splattered with blood by the end of it all.

Taking a life was an art form, and should be treated as such. She reprimanded herself for not having planned out this one more carefully as she opened the door, and froze. The screen door was ajar, and held so by a small dark haired girl. The first word to pop into her mind was simple; mongrel. Marianne didn't much care for children. She, truthfully, abhorred them. She saw how important they were to society, yes, but that didn't mean she had to like or associate herself with them. Now, she was kind of forced to.

"What are you doing here," she asked, bending over slightly. She forced a smile on her lips, and made sure she was eye level with the girl. She wanted to look the little beast in the eyes before she snapped her neck. There wasn't much expression in Marianne's eyes, a dull glazing over of dreamy quality that matched her almost sleep-slowed voice. "Were you trying to sneak into my house?"

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 438 comments Argents eyes widened and she backed up, shaking slightly. "I-I'm sorry. I-I was hungry and I don't have any money to get food so I was gonna take something small until someone brought home food." She whimpered. "Please don't be mad, no one will feed me at my house..." She whispered, backing away from her slowly. She was terrified that she as caught and feared that the lady would take her to her father.

Argent bit her lip as the lady stared at her, making her nervous with her smile. Something didn't seem right about her but she didn't question it. She was hoping that maybe, the lady would give her an apple or something then send her on her way like nothing ever happened. But nothing happened the nice or easy way with her.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 37 comments Marianne clicked her tongue, shaking her head as she stood up straighter. A frown replaced her false smile, contorting her features into a look of displeasure. A sigh parted her lips as she stared down at the girl, eyes trained on the small figure. She realized that killing the girl would simply be a hassle. Even if her family didn't feed her, there would still be some notice of her being gone for an extended period of time. Be it good or bad, they'd still notice and that wasn't something she wanted to deal with. But, she also didn't want to deal with this child.

"You're gonna need to find someone else," she said after a moment, expression sliding into a blank mask. What use would this child be to her? She suspected, by the grubby look of her, that the child would eat her out of house and home the moment she let her have even a morsel of food. No, she could try to rob someone else.

And with that, she shut the door and locked it. This derailed her plans of fortifying her house. She stared at the placid scene of her kitchen, minus the small spot of blood. She'd have to bleach that properly later, but when she could buy more bleach. Which would be after that child left.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 438 comments Argent whimpered softly as she told her no. "P-please...I just need something..." She whimpered. "I'll never bother you again....just give me an apple....or something...please..." She whispered. She didn't want much at all.

Argent sighed as she shut the door and looked down. She cried softly and sat down, hugging herself tightly. She made a stupid choice, no one would help her. Not even the school or her neighbors or anyone. She sighed sadly and stood up. She stumbled out of the lady's backyard and walked to the woods, hugging herself tightly.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 37 comments Marianne sighed again, a frown pulling her lips down. She didn't think much of the child for a moment, eyes narrowing as her gaze stayed trained on the speck of crimson on her floor. She supposed if she was to maintain the great guise of a kind neighbor she had to help the child. And that was where the trouble lay. A headache sprouted at her temples with the thought of welcoming the mongrel into her home for so much as a bite to eat, but it had to be done.

Opening her doors again, she looked out into the darkness of the night. She could just barely make out the faint figure of the girl. Her brows furrowed, a chill brought to her the wind. She hadn't looked like she'd had much on to keep the cold off, but that didn't quite matter at this point. Marianne's only objective was to feed the girl and then send her on her way.

"Hey," she called, "Come back. I've got something for you to eat." She could the regret at the choice she'd made creeping into her like vines on a house, not to mention a side of disgust. The brat was probably snotty now, with the cold and perhaps crying from when Marianne had shut the door on her.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 438 comments Argents eyes widened when she turned to her. She began walking back slowly. "R-really?" She asked softly. She hugged herself tightly and looked up at her. She didn't want this to be a prank at all.

Argent was surprised actually. Other times, when she asked, she wasn't given anything. But the one time she tries to steal, she gets kicked out and then she was invited back to eat. Her stomach growled at the thought of food, which made her look down sheepishly.

She was thankful and she wasn't even given any food yet. She didn't care what it was at that point, only caring that she got something in her belly before her father woke up. She wiped her tears and looked back down, thoughts of it being a joke entering her mind. What if the lady was joking just to see her reaction? She frowned and bit her lip hard enough that it started bleeding.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 37 comments Marianne was ready to shut the door again until the girl finally walked back. Well, she was still thinking of shutting the door once more as she motioned her into the house and closed the door. Words filled her mouth, ready to leave through parted lips in a managed tone until she saw blood. Quite literally. Though, this time it wasn't that insufferable spot of blood left from her kill, but from the lips of the girl. She was biting down it hard enough to break the skin and cut into flesh. Great.

She sighed, eyes fluttering closed for a moment before she drifted over to the sink of a paper towel. Wasteful; that's what she thought of her actions. Food that could be saved for later would be going to this child and now a paper towel that could be used for cleaning something up would be mopping up the results of an adolescent's habitual motions. She brushed back the limp dark blonde strands of her hair, pausing as she examined the girl for a moment.

The light of her kitchen made it easier to see, she supposed. Dark hair and eyes, and skin so pale she could very well be a corpse, it was evident that this girl wasn't fed well enough. Marianne suspected that if she lifted the thin cotton shirt the girl wore, she'd see ribs pressing against skin. Or maybe a blossoming garden of bruises for a silent display. This, however, wouldn't be much of a shock. She had seen her fair share of abuse--usually at her own hands--but she still felt that there should be some form of boundaries for this sort of thing.

Sighing again, she stooped down to be eye level with the girl, paper towel curled up around her fingers. "Stop biting your lip," she instructed, nearly commanded. She didn't want to do this anymore than she'd ever wanted to open the door to a traveling salesman. The two, the child and the salesman, were on equal planes in her idea of Hell.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 438 comments Argent looked around the house quietly and bit her lip slightly harder. She felt bad, but she didn't want to starve. She breathed in and recognized the smell immediately. Blood She thought. She looked around, trying to find where it came from.

She noticed her house wasn't small, nor was it entirely huge either. The kitchen was neat, a few dishes in the sink, but almost entirely clean. Her fridge seemed bare of any magnets or pictures like you'd see in movies.

Argent looked up at her when she noticed she was looking at her. She bit her lip harder and looked away, staring at the ground. She hugged herself tightly and winced as she hugged a recent bruise. Yea, she wasn't treated well at home or school, but she couldn't do anything about it.

Her eyes widened when she got closer and she instinctively flinched away. She let go of her lip slowly and frowned, looking down. "I'm sorry..." She whispered softly. "For bleeding on your floor, and asking for food....I guess that's being selfish.." She mumbled softly, staring at the ground.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 37 comments "You're right; it is," Marianne stated, dabbing the paper towel against the girl's lip, "Particularly on your parents' part. They expect someone to hand them a paycheck for showing proof of keeping a child alive while they force you onto others for food and shelter. Pathetic, is what I think you are, but there isn't much I can do about that." Except, maybe kill them. But, that would throw the child into the custody of the state, and really; what was the state going do about a child if they couldn't catch a serial killer?

When the job was wiping the girl's lip was done, she stood upright and moved to toss the paper towel in the trash. She sighed again, deflating just a little bit. Exhaustion was catching up to her, and she still had some much left to do. She almost floated over to the refrigerator and pulled out the necessary components of a sandwich. She figured she might as make it simple if she wanted to save food for herself.

"Are you allergic to anything," she asked, turning to look at the girl.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 438 comments Argent sighed and looked at her. She flinched a bit as she dabbed her lip and shook her head slightly. "I only have one parent..." She mumbled. She thought about it and frowned slightly. She knew she was probably annoying this woman.

She watched her go to the fridge and looked down. She looked back up and bit her lip, watching her grab things to make a sandwich. She felt really bad now, she didn't want to take a full sandwich. She had tried to sneak in and here she was giving her a full sandwich.

"N-no, I'm not allergic to anything." She said softly. "But you don't have to give me a full sandwich. I usually don't eat that much anyway..." She whispered. She didn't mean it in a way that she wouldn't eat it all. But she wasn't even fed that much at her house.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 37 comments Marianne sniffed indignantly, feeling no rush of emotion at the mention of having only one parent. There were plenty of people in a similar situations, and yet they didn't all end up in her kitchen. She made a mental note to drop the child off at some point in the evening. Maybe even send her off with the snack now. She went through the motions of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pulling out one of the larger and sharper knives. She didn't quite remember why she had the ingredients for something didn't eat, but it must have been to just keep up appearances for guests with children. Not that she had many guests that brought along their slobbering offspring with them.

She set the sandwich down on a paper towel once she'd finished, gingerly setting the knife down in the sink. The last thing she needed was more split blood. But, if she were bragging, her dexterity with a knife in hand had always been quite lovely to see. Turning away from her thoughts and the sink, she held out the sandwich for the girl to take.

"Try not to make a mess," she instructed, "What you don't eat now, you can finish later on."

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 438 comments Argent watched her as she made her sandwich. She bit her lip and looked around her house a little while longer. She didn't move though, afraid of how she would react. She looked back at her and tilted her head, looking at what she was making her. She took a small step closer towards her, trying to get a better look. She almost smiled as she made her a sandwich.

Argent nodded slowly and looked up at her. "Thank you so much." She said softly. She gently took the sandwich and ate a small bite. She never ate a sandwich, nor had she even eaten a meal since her mother died. She was usually forced to eat slices of ham, if she was lucky.

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