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Deanna | 477 comments Name: Cade Garrett Lovell

Gender: Male

Age: 29


➤ Passionate
➤ Loyal
➤ Distrustful
➤ Quick to Judge
➤ Opinionated
➤ Deep
➤ Kind (but only to those he thinks deserve it)


Davina is a writer but can’t afford to live with her paycheck, so instead of writing what she has always wanted to write, she works writing erotic novels under an alias. Cade knows Davina because of his sister being roommates with her, and when he comes to visit for Christmas and stays in their apartment, he can’t help but judge Davina for her job and treat her like a whore. Davina has always had a crush on Cade and can’t help but feel hurt by each one of his words, especially because she is a virgin and only writes her novels using her imagination. Cade can’t seem to stop himself from treating her poorly because he thinks all the inspiration for Davina’s books come from personal experience, and he can’t help but feel secretly jealous.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments Mmmmm heterochromia

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Deanna | 477 comments Cade Lovell impatiently repositioned the leather strap digging into his shoulder and chided himself for being too stubborn to buy a new briefcase. Though his recent promotion afforded him a far more comfortable salary, he still couldn't bring himself to replace the ragged old bag. Striding up the walk to his sister's apartment, the man steeled himself to see her. He knew little about his sister's roommate, but Cade knew all he needed to know. As a lover of literature, he had made it his life's work to appreciate and explore the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and other nuances of the written word. Davina St. Claire, on the other hand, paraded under a ridiculous alias writing literary--if one could call it that--pornography. It was disgusting. She was, however, Cecily's ((I can change the sister's name if you want ^-^)) roommate, and he would tolerate her.

After he stepped onto the welcome mat and knocked, the man absently pulled the scarf closer to himself. Why had he agreed to come so far north in the winter?


Hearing the firm knock at the door, Cecily called loudly through the expansive apartment, "Vina! Can you get the door? I'm in the middle of a thought! If I don't get it on canvas now, it'll be gone!"

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Deanna | 477 comments ((YAY! Sorry it took so long. Workout turned into supper turned into my husband saying "hey, let's clean the whole house." >_>

I decided to make the sister an artist, my reasoning being that with Davina's recent riches due to her new books, she can afford to cover the rent when Cecily is short. This could be another thing that Cade doesn't know about and something she won't tell him because she doesn't want to make Cecily look bad.

If you don't like any of that, I can change it! :D I just wanted to get a post done. Let me know!))

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