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Anna Burke | 4 comments **** KINDLE COUNTDOWN DEAL ***** 99c/99p US/UK
What's up with the missing and misguided daughters of the rich and famous? Find out for 99 cents! ENDS midnight MAY 4th

5* "A thrill a minute read" set in Palm Springs, Beverly Hills and Malibu!

A DEAD DAUGHTER A DEAD DAUGHTER (Jessica Huntington, #3) by Anna Celeste Burke
FIND IT ON AMAZON KINDLE US & UK at: http://smarturl.it/deaddau


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Len Robertson | 12 comments Recently, I learned that ISIS murderous radicalism is driven by their fierce belief in "the End of Days". Other religions have "end of Days" mythology in one form or another, but ISIS takes it one step further.

Like some evangelical Christians believe, they believe the Days are upon us but unlike the evangelical Christians, they act on it. Why should they go to school or save money or treat those not exactly like them respectfully if it all ends tomorrow? Why not rob and kill everyone they hate, especially since they will go to heaven anyway while those they murdered are Hell bound early?

In that, they follow some of the Calvinist beliefs the Puritans had in New England. The Puritans believed there were those who were born to go to Heaven and those born to go to Hell.

Theoretically, someone born to go to Heaven could murder everyone in his or her town and still make it Presumably, even the kindliest and most good hearted in that town of those born to go to Hell, still ended in a very hot place. Only one unsurmountable problem in all that: how did one know with certainty whether he or she was born to go to Heaven?

Apparently, ISIS has no qualms about that criticism. At least, not yet.

My novel my novel about the near future, Copernican Journey, touches on that a bit. Actually, if one reads the timeline included with the novel, one might think I foresaw that happening. Not quite. What I guessed might happen in the battered Muslim world would be a time of revolutionary violence across the entire region and ending with Edmund Burke's "man on horseback": Lord Protector Abdul Majeed. The Lord Protector used his immense fortune to construct a Holy Empire made up of The People of the Book, the impoverished and the excluded populations of Christians, jews, and Muslims who saw themselves excluded from the colonies and a new beginnings across the Solar System.

Opposed to them were the Billionaires and Trillionaires known as Neo Darwinists who take their exclusionary class ideas from the late 19th and early 20th Social Darwinists. They regard the Solar System as their personal back to do with as they please, making themselves wealthier than any Humans in History.

The twist is that the Lord Protector and the leader of the Darwinists, Calvin Ritsch (better known as CR) were once friends and partners of Prosperity Inc, the company that constructed Skybridge, the space elevator which would open the Solar System to exploration, exploitation and colonization. Prosperity Inc. would become the first of many Multi Quadrillion dollar corporations.

All this has already take place in 2046 as has first contact with other civilizations that nearly led to an Interstellar War decades earlier as Dr. Jennifer Strand, biologist, and Boone Dalton, a race driver surgically altered by CR's scientists, have an inadvertent blood exchange that might be key to their surviving assassins, androids and a Martian pandemic. The mismatched pair must learn to work together if they are to become the first Humans robust enough to Colonize the Cosmos.

Did I mention that Journey is a love story?

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