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Can this be explained?
Wanda Wanda May 02, 2015 11:22AM
If Lauren's fetus was supposed to be about 10 weeks at Christmas of one year, how could the baby be born by March of the next?

With all of Chuck's knowledge with survival, including the need for weapons, why did he not move the food away from the storage area more quickly. Surely he would have known that desperate people would be breaking down doors to find it, if he had the need to protect his family with guns.

Why did Chuck not have a better First Aid kit with all of that survival stuff?

What happened to the elderly man's pet? I guess it was a pet.

How could the outside world not have a better idea of what was taking place in Manhattan when there were still some people going into and out of the area on a regular basis? I would have thought part of those disaster rescue sources would have been used to scout out help relief and answers in other areas. Especially when they were only 60 miles from a major international relief source of basic supplies.

How can so many people, living in a city that can get so cold in the winter, not have some basic knowledge of survival on a short term basis, if sources such as electricity goes off. When I lived in areas of the US that got down to freezing and it snowed, our family always made short-term emergency plans because they were not that uncommon. These people were in a pathetic state only after a day or two? Are most people truly that unprepared, even when emergencies on a smaller scale are not that uncommon? It would have been a lot worse if all of this had happened in the heat of summer, especially with diseases and food spoilage.

I liked this book but I wondered too about some of the inconsistencies for a prepper-style book. That said, if a massive hurricane hits the space coast, I'm so unprepared except for two kayaks in the garage. (Watch for me paddling my way to Georgia.)

I think people put it off to tomorrow, when they think preparedness.

When the elderly neighbor's dog disappeared from the story I went back a couple times to see if I had missed something. Did the author just get tired of keeping it in the plot or want to imply that something too awful to write about happened?

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