Razer's Ride (The Last Riders, #1) Razer's Ride question

*contains spoilers* Locker James? need help understanding something
paradox paradox May 02, 2015 11:19AM
so I just finished reading this and something has been nagging at me. At the beginning of the book, Beth said that Locker James was not "a handsome man" I thought okay but then as the book progressed and I got to the fight in The Pink Slipper where Sex Piston obviously insinuated that Locker aka Viper is actually hot, "He fuck as
good as he looks?" so yeah can someone please clarify this for me?

thanks :)

was also thinking about the same comment while reading the book but I still can't understand that part :D

paradox I gave up on understanding what she meant by that. I just finished Cash's Fight today and the series just has me so captivated I can't stop. <3 ...more
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