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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Wood (goodreadscommichaeljwood) | 6 comments Mod
Hi all!

I'm going to kick off this folder with an example post, to lead the way. Which of these concepts sounds best to you, as a reader? Which would you most love to read?

Dream On: A teenager on the verge of committing suicide is visited by his future self, who shows him what awaits him in life to convince him to keep living.

Pretty Lies: A lawyer wakes up after an alcohol blackout as the prime suspect in a murder, and has to retrace a night he can’t remember to catch the true killer before the cops arrest him.

Rap Game: A murdered rap music superstar leaves behind his diary to help a detective catch his killer – but can the detective trust the clues? Or did the musician have a plan of his own?

Once you decide, could you cast your vote on the form at this URL? (it'll take only a minute!)

And, please, by all means leave comments below as to why one concept sounds better to you than the other.



message 2: by J (new)

J (rosedrakon) Dream On since I tried suicide once but God chose to keep me here. There are days when it would be so amazing and inspiring to know where you are going when you seem so lost while everything is kicking you down....

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael Wood (goodreadscommichaeljwood) | 6 comments Mod
Thanks so much for the feedback, Julia! I'm so glad you stayed. :)

message 4: by J (new)

J (rosedrakon) I am too and I can truly say for any who think that it is an answer it isn't.

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