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Endorsements From Some Great Leaders

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Mike Figliuolo “I strongly recommend Lead Inside the Box for leaders at all levels. It provides practical and simple guidance for how to better spend your time and energy to get better results from your team while improving your relationship with them at the same time.”
– Robert J. Herbold, Chief Operating Officer (Retired), Microsoft Corporation

“Lead Inside the Box is a new, thought-provoking take on the age old question of how to effectively lead people at work. It combines a clever framework with great stories to drive its points home. I highly recommend it for anyone who leads a team, or who wants to lead a team some day.”
– David K. Lenhardt, former President and CEO of PetSmart, Inc.

"Anyone who leads a team owes it to themselves, and their team, to read Lead Inside the Box. It lays out a simple, powerful roadmap for leaders to help everyone on their team get better results."
- Dan Tangherlini, former Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration

“Refreshingly pragmatic, authors Victor Prince and Mike Figliuolo offer a simple yet powerful everyday framework for more effectively leading people and getting better results.”
– Ethan Bernstein, Assistant Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior, Harvard Business School

“Lead Inside the Box is a must-read for leaders at any level. The concept of optimally investing your ‘leadership capital’ to get the best results from your team is a differentiator between good and great leaders. The practical and simple methods in this book will help you make much wiser investments and get better results.”
– Jim Hinrichs, Chief Financial Officer, CareFusion

“Finally, a leadership book that cuts through all of the noise, theories and models out there to deliver a practical approach to lead, motivate and engage today's diverse, multi-generational workforce for maximum results. In an ever-changing global marketplace where leaders have to do more with less and do it faster than ever before, this book gives you the tools to effectively manage your people and to elevate them to new levels of performance and success. This book needs to be on every leader's desk!”
– Andrea Procaccino, Chief Learning Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

“Leaders are consistently being asked to do more with less. Lead Inside the Box provides leaders a simple yet effective construct for more efficiently spending their time and energy with their people to get significantly better results. Victor Prince and Mike Figliuolo have provided a realistic approach for being a better leader.”
– Sean Huffman, President, OhioHealth Neighborhood Care

“One of the most difficult tasks in leading a team is making sure you’re getting peak performance from each individual. This book provides simple tools not only to assess each team member, but also to guide them to be better contributors to bottom-line results. The authors’ rich management experiences and real-life examples convey the effectiveness of their easy-to-follow methods for a better functioning team.”
– Connie Tipton, President and CEO, International Dairy Foods Association

“I’ve seen many overly-complicated leadership models in my career. Lead Inside the Box breaks that mold and provides leaders something simple yet practical that they can use every day to improve their team’s performance.”
– Mark Naidicz, Vice President, Human Resources & Employee Relations, AbbVie

“Lead Inside the Box offers fresh and practical advice for leaders looking to get better results out of their teams. I highly recommend it.”
– Amit Chatterjee, EVP of CA Technologies, Fortune Magazine's "40 under 40" 2010 Awardee

"A business leader's most crucial charge is to effectively manage people and time. Victor Prince and Mike Figliuolo provide a potent yet practicable tool targeted directly at the intersection of this dual mission."
– Tom Macina, CEO of Mesirow Advanced Strategies, Inc.

“If you want to see your team in a new way, and find new approaches to leading and motivating them, then Victor Prince and Mike Figliuolo have developed a framework that will enable you to do exactly that. The guidance is practical and can be applied to the leadership challenges you face every day. My experience leading teams that work across the globe and across the hall tells me that this book would have helped me from the beginning, to be a better leader. With all the pressures leaders face, we must find new ways to lead our teams more effectively. Lead Inside the Box gives leaders a model of not just being effective but efficient; time we all sorely need. This is a great fundamental read for every leader and team member no matter what level you are at.”
– Rob Miller, Divisional Vice President, R&D and Scientific & Medical Affairs, Abbott Nutrition

“Victor Prince’s and Mike Figliuolo’s real-world experiences fill the pages of Lead Inside the Box and their perspectives will immediately help you lead your team more effectively.”
– Paul Smith, author of Lead With a Story and Parenting With a Story

“This book comes at a critical juncture when 'doing more with less' doesn't work for organizations already thinned down during the last recession. It teaches you how to lead yourself, and your team, to thrive in today's economic climate.”
– Leah Treat, Director of Portland OR Bureau of Transportation

“WOW! Mike Figliuolo does it again. Lead Inside the Box takes a complex topic – prioritizing leadership effort to maximize productivity – and makes it both approachable and manageable. This book provides a strategic matrix and immediate tools to use your ‘leadership capital’ for maximum team success. What are you waiting for? Buy this book, apply the concepts, and lead smarter.”
– Joseph Michelli, Customer Experience Consultant and New York Times #1 Bestselling Author of books like Leading the Starbucks Way, The Zappos Experience, and The New Gold Standard

“Real-life leaders will find that Lead Inside the Box tackles their biggest real-life problem: getting the most out of their teams without sacrificing every last bit of creativity, energy, and time in the process. Leadership is an investment; Prince and Figliuolo help us invest wisely.”
– Raj Date, Managing Partner, Fenway Summer LLC; former Deputy Director, U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

“Every leader wants their team to shine, but people development is often one of the most frustrating and difficult roles of a leader. In their excellent new book, Mike Figliuolo and Victor Prince show how to focus your most precious resource – your own time and energy – to ensure the people you lead maximize their potential as individuals and as a team.”
– Jesse Lyn Stoner, co-author of Full Steam Ahead! Unleash the Power of Vision

“If you’re looking for a straightforward and actionable guide to untangling the complexities of leading a team, Lead Inside the Box is it. Figliuolo and Prince draw on their experience as executives and leadership coaches to give you a guide that you’ll refer back to again and again.”
– Scott Eblin, author of The Next Level and Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative

“I have been a fan of Mike Figliuolo’s work for some time because I have found his research solid and insights sparkling. His new title, Lead Inside the Box co-authored with Victor Prince, is an exceptional addition to Figliuolo’s body of work. Lead Inside the Box provides cogent advice about exactly how to lead from the middle (as well as the top) in ways that enable managers to make good things happen and help the organization prosper. The book contains workable models coupled with incisive questions that will help leaders figure things out for themselves and their teams. With research to back up their findings, Figliuolo and Prince’s Lead Inside the Box is a resource everyone in leadership – or who aspires to leadership – will want on their bookshelves.”
– John Baldoni, Leadership expert and author of MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership

“Great leaders have repeatedly cited importance of building a strong team. Lead Inside the Box offers practical frameworks and tips on how to do that, including the importance of flexing your own style to circumstance. The authors draw on their own experiences to help managers at all levels up their game and improve team results. A recommended read for sure!”
– Suzanne Tager, Senior Director, Retail and Consumer Goods Practice at Bain & Company

Chris Delay The concepts and principles of “Lead Inside the Box” were interesting and insightful. In reviewing the behavior types I found the descriptions were very clear and on target. In reflecting on the various teams that I have led, I could find individuals from each behavior type on every team. By understanding the behavior types and the leadership capital needed for each, I will be able to develop a different and more effective approach to leading teams.

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