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I know on other threads, writing prompts have come up. This is a place to either request prompts or post prompts that have been helpful for you. They can be used to get past writers block, get to know characters or whatever else you need at that time. You don't have to post what you've written in response, but feel free to link if you posted to tumblr or somewhere else.

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Here is a 100 prompts writing meme: link. I've done with with a couple of ships in the past as a drabble series, but I'm about to start it with my current characters. Just need some practice writing them and getting to know them :)

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (ignitesthestars) | 220 comments Mod
this is SUCH A GOOD IDEA, thanks for putting this up!

Here are a bunch of prompt sets for what's called the 1sentence challenge. Basically the idea is that you pick a pairing, and then for each word, write a single sentence based on that word about said pairing.

It's a great way of exploring like, the ways you can construct a sentence, and also because the sentences don't have to relate to each other at all, you can do this kind of challenge when you're having trouble coming up with ideas for anything bigger/longer. There's an example of one I've done here.

message 4: by Diana (new)

Diana | 141 comments This is great! Definitely trying out that one, Hannah.

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Ashe | 69 comments For the paranormal inclined, there's this. They're paranormal prompt tables (I've always wanted to do one)

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