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lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) Ok, so first of all, any questions about the setting, characters, plot, etc?

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Myrtle  | 41 comments Hajimashite!
So let's get started.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) Ok, so, you saw the plot, I'd like to be the witch, you saw all that. Any personality preferances for your wizard?

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Myrtle  | 41 comments As in his personality?
Laid back, sarcastic, a little arrogant. I don't know, I tend to play the mean guy with an inner nice guy.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) Nice, got it! So, for my witch... Perhaps a little more serious, also sarcastic, and perhaps full of herself.

So de we wanna make small bios real quick? Or just images of them with names?

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) Oh, and also, what kind of magic they can do! They're the twobest bounty hunters in the kingdom, so feel free to make it extravagant! (Within reason of course)

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Myrtle  | 41 comments Small bios work (are you alright with anime pictures?)
As for magic, like I said, I'm fairly new to ⌒⌒ so I'm not sure. Maybe powers of the elements I don't know, I'm completely open to suggestions.

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lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) Sorry, just got back from a walk! Its insanely nice out today. Anyway, yes, Im totally fine with anime pictures, in fact, I was gonna use an anime picture for mine XD As for magical powers, they can basically be anything! I intend for my witch to have control over shadows. So her abilities would probably include:
• Manipulating Shadows
• Turning Shadows Into Physical Objects
• Turning Into A Shadow
Or something like that. If you do go with element control, perhaps picking one element? So like, water, but by extension ice, snow, steam, etc.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) Ill actually start making my character now, just a sec!

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Myrtle  | 41 comments Sounds good to me, I'll follow your format.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) Appearance:

Name: Felicity Rosewood
Alias: The Witch
Personality Traits: Serious, Calm, Slighty Sarcastic, Level-Headed, Quiet (Basically think Kuudere XD)
Magical Abilities: Shadow Manipulation, Creating "Shadow Objects", Turning Into A Shadow
Extras: Is strongest at night, carries a staff around with her that enhances her powers although she can still use magic without it

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Myrtle  | 41 comments https://www.pinterest.com/pin/5610500...

Name:Farlan Atruble
Alias: The Wizard
Personality: Collected, Arrogant, sarcastic and egotistical
Magical Abilities: Capable of controlling earthly elements. Manipulating plant life, uprooting boulders/rocks and whole platforms of earth as well as causing moderate sized earthquakes.
Extra: Despite a challenged depth perception due to missing an eye, he makes up for it in the ability to sense movement in the ground.

((Hope that works))

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lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) (( Yup! Thats perfect! Imma just start now! ))

Felicity could see the enourmous, magestic castle in the distance, and gave a little smile to herself. The moment she had recieved an invitation from the king himself, well, she was no fortune teller, but she could already feel the piles of gold sifting through her fingers. Not that she wasnt already decently wealthy. She was the best bounty hunter in the kingdom, after all. And even as she imagined all the wonderful, wonderful things she could do with all that money, she easily contained her excitement to a tiny smile, that most peopke would actually find quite scary. Melting into the ground, she silently flitted across the field, passing through the town at an incredibly fast rate until she reached the gates of the castle. Materializing, she twirled her staff and looked hungrily forward at the castle. This was the opportunity of a lifetime, and she was planning to milk it for all it was worth. Putting on her usual image of seriousness and proffesionalism, she confidently strided towards the gaurds, and gave a small nod, waiting for them to open the gates.

(( Ok, so this should be where you post Farlan's entrance. And perhaps a comment to Felicity if you want. ))

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Myrtle  | 41 comments "None so fair as the extravagant Witch, here to grace us with an awe-inspiring flare of arrival." Three slow, dull thumps of his palms together in a lacking applause. Pushing off the wall, he left tendrils in his wake which had began crawling up the walls of the castle from the time he waited. "It nearly makes up for taking the leisurely pace." Farlan smirked, his hand coming to rest on the hilt of the sword strapped to his waist. He moved to join her, distorting the stone pathway with small flurries of seedlings breaking through the tar beneath each of his well placed steps. He cocked his head, gave her a lopsided look then faced forward, lining their shoulders so she was nearly infront of or behind him. His shoulders remained loose, unlike the king's subjects, guardsmen and what have you that would remain stiffer than a board and ridged. Nevertheless he would remain respectful, after all who to better line his pockets than the ruler himself.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) Felicity was stopped near the gate, and her eyes narrowed, and before she could confirm a magical prescense, she heard a voice, one that was far too popular for her liking. She didn't even give him the pleasure of hearing a witty retort, and instead kept looking forward, though she kept close tabs on his movement out of the corner of her eye. "Wizard,," She spat out the word, as if it was made of thorns. "Whatever brings you here?" But even though she asked, she already knew the answer. She clenched her jaw tight, and gripped her staff firmly. If he was here, the only thing that meant was that he had been summoned by the king as well. She knew she should've read the rest of that letter, and normally she would have, but the second she saw the royal seal on the envelope, all she had read was I invite you to the castle before making her way to the castle as fast as she possibly could, not wanting to be late. Apparently, her efforts had been in vain. She lifted her staff an inch, and brought it down to the ground. The shadow of the wall beside the gate twisted and morphed, until it took on the shape of a sharp blade. It rose from the ground, creating a shadow object, and quickly sliced through the growth of plants that grew wherever Farlan walked, before sinking back into the ground, and eventually back into it's original shape. "It would do you well not to infest the palace with your filthy underbrush, wizard." She said more than a little threateningly. Turning her head to the closest gaurd, she glared at him, a look that could curdle milk. "Open the gates, now." She commanded, and the gaurd unsurprisingly obeyed, running over and issuing a command for the other gaurds to lift the gates. Soon enough, the gate was open, and Felicity briskly walked forward and past the gate.

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Myrtle  | 41 comments Almost predicting her question, he flashed her his invite marked with the royal seal. With a light wave of it between his fingers. "My apologies if you came with the belief this invite was exclusive." He mused, tucking the invite back into the inner pocket of his coat.

Farlan barely acknowledged her magic before his foliage was cut down so maliciously. It made him bristle, the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. "Temper, temper Witch. You'd do well to keep your craft to yourself and minding your people skills in the presence of his majesty." He said then shot a smirk as he knocked his heel against the ground. Forming lips in the stone to catch the toes of her shoes " Be sure to watch your step." He said discretely, allowing her to take a slight lead just to entertain annoy her further.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) Felicity was practically scowling, but managed to keep herself silent. Barely. Gods, this man was so infuriating! How had he managed to become such an amazingly popular bounty hunter? She was efficient, serious, and didnt waste time. Why couldnt she just hold her place as best bounty hunter alone? But no, of course, first place just had to be shared with this obnoxious, annoying, excuse for a bounty hunter. She kept walking forward, glaring at anybody who passed. "It certainly should be." She muttered under her breath, not caring wether or not he heard her.

The fact that her magic had clearly bothered Farlan made her smile, something passerbys disliked even more than her scowl. "Tsk tsk tsk, it's you who shall be executed for your arrogance Wizard." She said, a devious smirk on her face. Before she could think of something else to infuriate Farlan, she felt her toe get caught in a lip in the stone, and she began to fall. However, when her face should've broken against the hard stone walkway, instead it melted into the paavement, swiftly followed by the rest of her body, until she was a complete shadow on the ground. Zooming back behind Farlan, she quickly emerged from the ground, returning to her normal form and crossed her arms. "Sleep well tonight. It'll be your last time." She threatened before briskly resuming her position ahead of him, and entered the castle. Although she would've loved to note the absolute gorgeousness of the palace, she kept a close eye on Farlan as she walked down the halls.

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Myrtle  | 41 comments "Not before your incompetence has you beheaded in the village square." And she fell, gone like that. And with that, he felt a satisfied smirk tug at his lips though it hardly made up for her malicious strike, it certainly sufficed. Farlan wasn't so keen on voicing it but he certainly envied her darker magic sometimes. The fluidness of which she disappeared in a splotch of black that held the outline of her. Again, he would never voice that and allow her that extra burst of ego. His goldenrod eye flitted to her and narrowed to the threat as she once more took the lead. He didn't take kindly to the threat but nevertheless brushed it off with a half shrug. His foliage seeped to nothing the further into the glamorous castle they ventured. The stone in which the castle was built upon was too thick and insulated for the plant life to follow beneath his feet. "I can only fathom the reason behind the urgent beckoning." He muttered softly.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) Felicity growled underneath her breath. She couldn't wait until this trip resulted in her annihilating something, and the loads of gold that would follow would certainly be a nice bonus. Her steps were stiff and forced, and she was quite clearly using every last ounce of her willpower to not have a battle with Farlan right here and now. Her fists were clenched tight, and her glare was set forward, but if they were anywhere doing anything besides in the palace about to talk to the king, she would have declared war against him almost the minute she saw him. Honestly, why did someone so enfuriating have to have such incredible powers? Why wasnt he more like her? Quiet and serious and proffesional, Felicity truly believed she was the perfect bounty hunter for every occasion.

When he murmured a question, Felicity wasn't even sure how to respond? Telling him to shut up seemed to be a favorable answer, but no, they were too close to the throne room now. Come to think of it, what had caused the king to need two of the kingdom's greatest bounty hunters? Surely most things could be delt with with just one of them. It must have been huge, and Felicity was about to state that, and if he had used common sense he would have figured it out as well, butnthey had arrived at the entrance to the throne room. "Try not to be too incomtetant." She muttered at Farlan before slamming the bottom of her staff to the ground, and causing huge shadow hands to reach up from the ground and open the doors. "Your majesty," Felicity said, giving a low bow. "You have requested my, er, our prescense?" She said, begrudgingly adding the our.


The king sat on his huge, majestic thrown, becoming increasingly nervous with each passing second, when finally, the bounty hunters he had called for arrived, and not without an impressive entrance either. He watched as the shadow hands melted back into the floor, and returned his attention to the bounty hunters. "I need your help." He said, then decided to revise his sentence. After all, these were bounty hunters, and they certainly wouldnt do much without incentive. "And of course, a large reward is involved."

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Myrtle  | 41 comments Farlan remained loose, unlike his tightly strung counterpart. Regardless the issue, his track record was polished despite the scars and loss of his eye. With a swelling ego and a taste for the riches, he held his head cocked back arrogantly. He shot the woman a discrete look and a smirk pulled along his features when she corrected herself. He bowed, playing on the charm with a single step forward. His features smoothed out to respectful, his brow bouncing at the meer mention of reward while his head was bowed. That was his only interest, not the well being of the kingdom he resided in majority of the time. Once the pickings dried, he would pick up and stroll to the next." What is it that ails you, your majesty?" Once more his good eye moving to look at the witch as he straightened slowly.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily)
Felicity's attention raised ten fold when she heard the word 'reward', and thats saying something considering her already extremely high focus. Straightening her already perfect posture, Felicity, looked at the king, what she hoped looked like respect in her posture, though it honestly just made her look more stiff. "As my, ah, partner, said, what is it that you require of us, your majesty." She asked, and she was gunuinly curious. Maybe this would even be a challenge, unlike her typical jobs. Risking a glance at Farlan, Felicity gave him a quick once over out of the corner of her eye. She supposed he was relatively good looking. That was probably why he was so popular too, as she couldnt possibly imagine him winning against anything. Returning her gaze to the king, her eyes now held a sort of hunger in them, waiting for the king to give her a task.


King silently made mental notes on each bounty hunter. The Witch, was, as his sources had told him, very serious, to-the-point, and incredibly timely and effective. However, it was The Wizard who caught the king's eye. He seemed, less formal, then the Witch, but supposedly he was just as good. Sighing, the king massaged his temples as he beganto explain the situation. "You see, far south, there is a demon residing in our lands, destroying everything in it's path, and to top it off, its coming this way. This is no ordinary demon, and you both will have toput aside your rivalry and work together, understood?" The king asked, clenching his throne nervously. He had no doubt that these two at least somewhat disliked each other, but if they were going to suceed they needed to out aside they're differences and work together.

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