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Penthouse Balcony

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments After Amaya had delivered her things to her room and unpacked a bit, she made her way up to the penthouse balcony. She wanted some peace and quite, some time to herself, some time to think. She leaned on the balcony, the black dress she was wearing flowing in the gentle breeze. Her hair was blown behind her shoulders as she stared out toward the horizon. It ws a pretty dramatic stance, but not done on purpose by her. She thought best when she was outside, and this was the closest place for her.

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Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) Reyna walked out onto the penthouse balcony. She was sick of hearing all the other royal blabber and argue, so she wanted some peace and quiet. She loved the soft, gentle, wind, so c=naturally she chose the penthouse balcony. She was surprised when she saw that Amaya, the Empress of Japan was already there. She looked young and pretty. Reyna decided that she wanted her to be a friend and an ally. "Hi, Amaya," she said quietly to avoid scaring her.

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Olive enters the Balcony, hoping to get away from that Japanese Concubine. She saw two other girls there already. "Hello, What's up?" she asked, trying to sound as friendly as possible. Her French accent wasn't really recognizable, she sounded more Australian. Well, its not her fault she was born in New Zealand!

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments ((Lol, sorry here >.<))

Amaya started a bit at the voices; she hadn't been expecting to be disturbed, as she was so lost in thought. Though she was partially happy these two girls had joined her. Being alone with her thoughts could definitely get lonely. Therefore, she put a smile on her face, one that was formed by just her red lips, no teeth, and tried to make her expression warm.
"Hello, Reyna, is it?" she questioned, her words slightly slower than the average speaker. After all she was still learning American English. She thought she recognized the woman, she just wasn't sure where from. Though she did know the second woman. She was younger, the Princess of France. "And Olive, yes?"

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Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) "Yes." Reyna smiled warmly. She was very familiar with how hard learning American English was, for she herself had learnt it many years ago.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments ((Here, sorry!))

"I didn't know many others would be here," Amaya spoke softly but sincerely. She hadn't expected to see so many royals at once, for she was still getting used to the royalty life. "But it is nice to meet some other women my age." she'd heard stories of most royals from her husband and these ladies had received mostly kind comments, so she figured she might as well make friends.

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Olive saw the girl. "Hey! What's your name?" She asked, wondering. She had never come across other royalty. That is if you don't count that perverted Japanese concubine who tried to rape her.

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Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) Reyna stood to the far side of the balcony, observing Olive and Amaya's conversation. She had an immediately liked Amaya. It was quite obvious that she hadn't grown up around royalty, but she was regal in her own way.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments ((Who is Olive talking to?))

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Olive smiled back. "It's Olive Beaumont. I'm the French Princes!...And you are??"

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Olive cringed. A hand? Really? Instead, she reached out to hug her. "It's a pleasure to meet you too!" She exclaimed, smiling widely.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Rose wrote: "Reyna stood to the far side of the balcony, observing Olive and Amaya's conversation. She had an immediately liked Amaya. It was quite obvious that she hadn't grown up around royalty, but she was r..."

Amaya moved over to stand beside Reyna, putting her arms on the balcony railing and peering out into the open sky. "It's beautiful isn't it?" she remarked. "We don't have views like this in Japan. Well, maybe a few, but none as gorgeous as this one." Amaya's accent made her speech sound slightly awkward, but everything she said was very sincere.

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Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) Olive and Elizabeth were easily bonding, so Reyna decided that she would (rather rudely) ignore them and just talk to Amaya. She only wished to talk to Amaya anyway. The open sky that Amaya adored was certainly beautiful. "Look at the Blues and Greens contrasting," she said. "Back home in Ethiopia we have high mountains, but not much snow."

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Amaya nodded. "Snow isn't too common in Japan either. It comes, it goes, but never in quanties large enough to make an impact." she replied calmly. A smile stretched upon her lips. "But I hear there are places in America where snow can pile up like mountains on top of mountains." she giggled lightly at the thought.

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Olive smirks. "Yeah guys, be polite," She says teasingly.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Amaya turned and set her gaze on Elizabeth while she spoke, then rested it coolly on Olive. Was she kidding? Amaya had never been good at telling when others were teasing. After a moment, however, she looked back to Elizabeth. "Amaya," she nodded politely. "Japanese Empress." her voice was solid but with a warm tint. She wanted the girls to know she was friendly, but did not want to show too much emotion at the same time.

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Oliver raised her eyebrows. "An empress, huh?" She said, impressed.

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Oliver smiled. "I have a feeling that we're gonna get along," She said, eyeing the skimpy dress. She herself didn't give a shit about all the ball gown crap.

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"I think so..." She replied smiling.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Amaya blinked once. She hadn't taken into account what the others were wearing, as she didn't really care all that much. She herself was wearing a simple black dress that reached to her ankles, but that was simply her style. She smiled as the younger princess was impressed by her status, but did not gloat. In fact she said nothing, simply let her smile glow.

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Olive smiled. "Yeah...let's eat..>"

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Amaya looked to Reyna with a smile. "We'd better follow, to make sure they don't get into too much trouble." she let herself giggle softly. With a glow in her dark eyes, she followed the younger princesses to the dining hall.

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