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Rose Gardens

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Charlotte slowly moves her way through the roses that match the deep scarlet of her curly hair. Her beautiful blue eyes glance around, a sigh leaving her chest. The large, ivory-green dress she wears shimmers in the light of the full moon. And, though she knows not to be alone in the middle of a garden, at night, she is not troubled. Under her long sleeves, past her showing cleavage, is a dagger strapped to her under arm, sheathed, of course. She walks up to a gazebo, vines wrapped around the beautiful, sculpted metal bench she lowers her body onto.

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Christopher walks towards the girl who was walking amongst the neatly aligned rose beds. The moon reflected on the pond where frogs burped cheerfully in tune with the bird's chirping.
"Um. Hello." I say to the girl, feeling awkward and slightly embarrased.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Charlotte's gaze whips to the sound of his voice and she stands. She blushes lightly and curtsies to him. "Your Highness," she greets, not meeting his gaze in respect. She stands straight and smooths her dress, hoping he doesn't notice the dagger.

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Chris picks up a blood red rose and holds it towards her. "Don't worry. I'm not that kind of highness."

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Charlotte gently takes the rose from him, smiling at him with her perfect, pearly white teeth. "Thank you, You Highness. I am Charlotte Kingsley, daughter of the Duke and Duchess," she introduces. She walks toward him, stepping from the gazebo.

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"Well, Miss Kingsley, do you mind going for a walk with me?" I ask her.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Charlotte's eyes are enraptured. "Oh, yes please," she whispers dreamily. She curves her hand in the crook of his arm, smiling up at him with her rosy lips.

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Chris grins. "So, tell me more about your life." I said, suddenly interested in her.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Charlotte blushes and looks away. "Well.... I do not have much of one, Highness... I sing. I ride my Father's horses. Mostly I just stay in the piano room and ignore my Mother and Father's busy schedule," she says with a soft laugh. "What about you, Highness? Surely a handsome Prince like yourself has a very interesting life."

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Christopher seems taken aback. How could such a beautiful girl think nothing of herself. "Oh, I'm a pretty normal person. I enjoy playing the violin and the piano. Do you want to hear? Let me take you to my room!" I offered, wanting to play her a sweet, melodious lullaby which will send her drifting gently to sleep...

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Charlotte gasps, her eyes wide. "Your HIGHNESS! I play both, but, to go to your personal quarters!" she shrieks. "Highness, please!" She tries pull away from him though the arm now wrapped around her waist.

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"Really! C'mon, I'll take you to my room!" I tell her, sightly nervous yet excited. I had never taken a girl to my bedroom before. I didn't want people to take the wrong impression.
The only person who was an exception was my girlfriend...But what's a prince without some rebellion, huh?

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Charlotte shakes her head again, the blush evident on her pale cheeks. "Highness, please, remove your hands," she shrieks, her eyes full of tears and fear. "Please, Highness..."

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 110 comments [ Hello ^-^ Just dropping in to let you know that:
A. Aniza is going through some exams and may not be on at this time. It'd be wonderful if you could be patient on that.
B. This is an advanced roleplay, and it'd be great if you could try to keep a three line minimum with your roleplay posts.
Thank you very much for your patience and have a great rest of the day ^-^ ]

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Chris's phone rings. "Oh god...It's an emergency...I'll see you later, bye!"
((leaves rose gardens))

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Christopher enters the Rose gardens, Avni, the Indian girl at her side. He was wondered at the way the other japanese girl had reacted. He hadn't meant to sound that cruel. But he preferred the indian girl. She had a certain light to her which attracted him.
"So dear lady, tell me more about your life!" He requested, bending down to kiss her softly on her hand.

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"Not necessarily," He told her. "Unless you don't like me doing that?" I asked.
"And no, my life isn't boring. I usually go out, have a bit of fun every now and then...What about yours?" I offered wanting to talk about something other than myself.

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