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Penthouse Spa

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Olive sat down on the bench and sighed. She really felt the need to calm herself and unwind.
She stripped down to her bra and went inside the Hot tub. She wondered who else was there, but found that it was empty. It didn't really matter anyway, since she wasn't planning on staying here for long.

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Vanessa walked in and saw Olive in her bra. Vanessa pulled off her shirt and leggings and walked over to Olive.

"Hey I'm Vanessa. I know you. You're a French princess." she said swimming over to her. She took off Olive's bra and her own and fingered her. She took off both panties and plunged under water on top of Olive.

"I'm a concubine" she said waiting for a response. When she didn't get one she continued kissing her under water and then she got up put on her bra and left for the royal spa. She liked the way Christopher made her feel.

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Olive gasped as soon as she left the room. Wow! What a lesbian bi***!

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Kaitlyn Elise went to her room and got changed into her one piece swimsuit. She braided her hair. She left her room, on her way to the spa, then decided to go to the Penthouse. She walked into the room and saw Olive.

"Oh.. Sorry. I didn't know anyone was in here," she said calmly. "I'll leave, if you want," Elise told her, smiling.

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She scrambled for her bra and underwear and pulled them on instantly.

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Kaitlyn Elise looked at Olive. "I can leave.. If you want," she said, turning around to leave.

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"It's okay love, come on...I almost got raped by that b**** over there. I bet she's gone off to seize another innocent victim!" She smiled wide and welcomeingly.

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Kaitlyn Elise went pale. "You should tell someone. Who was she?" She asked calmly. "And a word of advice? Don't let anyone take advantage of you. I've had to deal with several guys because of that. And my brother isn't very friendly to them," she said smiling.

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"I know...But...I dunno. You see that American Prince, your brother, Christopher...When I entered here, I saw them...Well, making love in the Royal Spa...!" I informed her.

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Kaitlyn Elise stared at her. "My brother?" She asked, shocked. "No.. I don't think he would do that. Are you sure?" She asked Olive, hoping for it to not be true.

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"Well, go on to the royal spa...He's there!" I tell her.

((Christopher is my character btw...We go there and put an end to that sexual thingy going on..ok?))

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Kaitlyn ((Okay!))

"Thank you!" Elise said with a smile, and walked away.

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Kaitlyn ((Hey aniza, quick question: what is Christopher's full name? :))

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((Christopher Edward Eaton))

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Kaitlyn ((Okay thanks.))

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