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The Royal Spa

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Vanessa walked into the spa and wiggled her eyebrows. She loved spas. She hoped there would be some guys she could lure into here. She took of her clothes and settled down naked in the hot tub and sighed.

"This feels so good to be out of clothes once again!" she exclaimed sitting on the side of the hot tub stretching her legs apart. She might wait here for a while to see if someone else would come in. Or she might leave. She lay down on the side and put on her thong on. She decided not to put a bra on.

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Christopher entered the spa, hoping for a swim. His best friend Alex was gone for the day so he decided on having something fun to do.
He noticed a naked girl sitting in the corner of the hot tub.
"Hey," He says to her smiling flirtatiously.
He unpacked his swimming bag, towel first then trunks. Chris walked to the changing rooms and ripped his clothes off. He shivered in the empty cubicle. Well, it wasn't as if he wasn't in the same pool as a girl before...But a naked girl? He shivered.
He came out in his trunks, his eight pack abs ready to show off.
"Do you mind?" I asked the girl I identified to be the Japanese concubine, as I slipped into the water, relief surging through my cold icy skin.

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He saw the girl glide closer in the water. "What's your name?" He asked confidently.

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"I'm Vanessa." she said swimming closer to him. She took off her thong and wrapped it around him pulling him towards her. She pulled him under water and kissed him fingering his body and tickling his abs. She kissed him hard.

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"I'll be right back sweetie. Wait here for me. I hear someone calling me." she called putting on her clothes heading to the penthouse spa for another body.

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Vanessa re entered. She took off her bra and flung it across the room. It landed in a potted plant. Vanessa walked over to Christopher and jumped on him. She kissed him and put her legs around him and pulled him under water. She kissed him again.

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Christopher chuckled. "Are you sure you're okay with this?" I ask, curious about what made her do this.
"I mean, you barely even know me!" I exclaimed, running my hands over my bronze hair.

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"I'm a concubine. It's basically my job!" she replied.

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Kaitlyn "CHRISTOPHER EDWARD EATON," Elise roared, walking into the room.

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Vanessa whirled around and dropped her jaw. She grasped him worry in her eyes.

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Chris gasped. "Sorry sis..I didn't mean to..er..!"

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Vanessa looked at Chris and then at Elise. She wrapped her arms around him. Claiming him for herself.

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Kaitlyn "WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?!" She yelled, appalled at his behavior.

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Vanessa winced at the yelling.

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"Relax, she's my sister," I told Vanessa.
"Nothing!" I exclaimed, my hands in the air, signifying surrender.

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Vanessa released most of her worry, at Christopher's words.

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Kaitlyn Elise stomped over to Chris and grabbed his arm, yanking him out. "You do realize who she is? And how mother would react to this?!" She said loudly, sickened by what Chris was willing to do.

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"I happen to love your brother! And he wants this too!" she yelled back.

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"I know who the hell she is. This is my life and my choice!" He yelled.
I grabbed my trunks and pulled them on.
"And I would appreciate it if you would give me a little privacy! Some sister you are!" Chris scoffed, toweling his wet damp hair.

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Kaitlyn "Oh you stay out of it, w****," Elise snapped at her. "You lay a hand on him and I will get the Queen involved," Elise threatened.

Elise turned back to her brother and smacked him. "You were raised better than this. You better remember who you are," she said coldly. "Your actions don't just affect you, but the whole family,"

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Vanessa jumped out and put her clothes on. She hugged Christopher, "Don't leave me here! You love me, I love you. You don't have to listen to her. You can stay with me!" she said. She kissed him, wanting him to stay. She didn't care if she got in trouble.

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Christopher turned to face Eli. "Well, my dear sister, I don't need you to teach me! As if you haven't made out with any one before! We were just kissing!" I said, wanting to punch her.

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"Yeah!" Vanessa said. "And it's his choice. He can love whoever he wants to love!"

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 110 comments
(( Okay, so I'm just going to step in.
A concubine isn't a girl that goes ahead and sleeps with everything with a pulse. She's supposed to be one of the mistresses of the Emperor, and is pledged to be only his. So, it's not her job to practically jump any royal around.

grace ; sexual roleplay is not allowed. Keep it PG-13.

aniza ; just a gentle reminder that roleplay is in the third person.

And please, to keep the standard of being advanced, no less than three lines for a reply. ))

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Kaitlyn Elise shoved the girl away from her brother. "You. Stay. Away," she snarled, disgusted at her. "He is my brother," she told her, standing between them.

"You better leave before I call a guard to escort you out," Elise threatened, beyond angry.

"And just kissing, bull s***," she told him. "You obviously don't know me," she said coolly. "You of all people should know how hard it is for me to find someone who likes me enough to put up with you," she snapped.

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((I know she was lying to get out of it))

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"Shut up you b****!" I yell to my sister. "Just because you haven't fallen in love, doesn't mean you can spoil my chances. Vanessa and I were just having a conversation and you had to come and ruin it! I barely even got to know her until you came along!" He yells, moving closer to Elise.
"Vanessa and I just met. Don't you dare tell mom!"

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"Yeah we just met like an hour ago!" Vanessa said stating the obvious.

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Kaitlyn "You were not just having a conversation, you liar," Elise said, stepping closer. "And call me that one more time and I swear you will never see me again," she said quietly. "Do you really want that? Do you really want to give up everything for a girl you don't even know? A girl you haven't even had feelings for?"

"You are ridiculous and a hypocrite. This is exactly what you do to me. How does it feel, huh?" She asked him seriously.

"And you!" She said to the girl. "Do you make this thing a habit, ruining families?" She asked her, not expecting an answer.

"I love you, Chris," Elise said gently. She sighed. "You're my brother for gosh sake! Could we just go inside and talk about this?" She said, looking into his eyes, pleading with him.

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"Yeah, lets go. As long as she comes!" I jerk my head towards Vanessa

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 110 comments (( I may just have their mother walk in ))

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Kaitlyn ((That would be good!))

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Kaitlyn "She makes me angry. I just want to have a civil conversation without her," Elise said calmly. "I don't need her commentary, I just want to talk," Elise told him. "I just want to talk," she repeated gently.

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Chris just rolled his eyes.

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Kaitlyn "Come on, Chris!" She said desperately. "You know me. We grew up together. Do you not trust me?" She asked him with tears in her eyes. "Because I trust you with my life. And if you can't in return.." She trailed off. She blinked fast, determined not to cry. "Why?" She asked quietly. "Honestly, why? Why won't you just come with me?" She asked him.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 110 comments Shouting carried through the halls, and Deepkia had only wanted peace and quiet in that moment. She didn't have to be near by to hear it, not with the way the palace had been designed. The words ricocheted from one wall to other, until it reached her ears in an unintelligible warble of noise. Noise she didn't want to hear at that moment. A grimace spread over her lips, eyes opening from the the light sleep she had been in. The voice behind it all sounded like her daughter, and that only made her far more upset. She would have thought that she'd taught her daughter to know better than to raise her voice and thrown tantrums.

Standing to her feet, she dressed herself in the layered silk dress that she had been wearing before her nap. A headache was already pulsing just behind her eyes, which she closed once more. A sigh parted her lips and her eyes opened again as she left the room. There was a vigor to her steps that carried her quickly through the halls, but at a pace appropriate for a queen. Her head held high and discipline in the rigid alignment of her spine, there was clearly a purpose to her having gotten out of bed. Passing servants turned to watch her go, just a light glazing of fear in their eyes and on their faces. They knew better than to upset the queen, but apparently her children didn't.

When she arrived at the spa, where she assumed the noise was coming from, her jaw was clenched but her gaze was calm. The calm, though, of a brewing storm. The scene she happened upon gave her pause, had her stopping short at the door. A fine brow rose at the sight before her, a sardonic smile lifted her lips as she surveyed her children and a dark haired girl who was all but naked.

"What, pray tell," she began, her voice liquored and calm, "is going on here?"

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Kaitlyn "I found these two in the hot tub, about to.." She trailed off, looking down. She blushed. "They claim they're in love, but they only met about an hour ago, according to the girl," Elise said calmly, looking at her mother.

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"But we really do love each other!" Vanessa claimed, glad she put clothes on.

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"Mum, I think I have a right to love who I want, so please...this is not your business!" He shouted

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 110 comments Deepkia took a moment to survey the scene and the reactions. The headache pulsed strong behind her eyes and she closed them once more. She didn't open them as she spoke, a measured patience in her tone. "Christopher and Elise," she began, letting out a soft breath, "At your age, the two of you should know better than to cause a ruckus within the palace. You know full well that you should be on your best behavior. This, this is unacceptable." Her eyes opened once more, gaze dropping to Christopher and the girl that he had supposedly loved.

"I think you mistake love with lust," she stated, voice softening just a touch, "And it is my business. So long as you are my child and I am your mother, you are my business. The both of you." The hard expression on her face remained, features rigid with authority and discipline. Her children, though they were growing up, would always be her children. She didn't seek to control every aspect of their life, not any longer, but she couldn't let them waste their years on foolish confusions such as the one before them.

"What is your name," she inquired, directing her attention to the girl in question, "You claim to love my son, but you don't even show any sort of manners towards the person you should be appealing to."

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"My name is Vanessa. And you can blame me for causing a bit of a ruckus, that was not Christopher's fault. We were fine until Elise entered, that's when calamity stroke, if you know what I mean. And Christopher really DOES love me. And I really love him. I have never loved anyone like I have loved your son, Your Majesty." Vanessa replied trying to be as polite as possible in front of the queen.

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Kaitlyn "She is a concubine, mother," Elise told her. "I know what she wants from him and it isn't love," Elise implied. "And besides. Olive, the princess of France was nearly raped from this girl," Elise told the queen. "In the penthouse spa. She is a liar and a jerk," Elise told the queen, looking down.

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"I don't care that I am a concubine. I would do anything just to be able to love your son! Your majesty I really love him, more than life itself!" she said almost raising her voice, "I was drunk before with Olive. I don't give a crap about her! I love Christopher!"

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Kaitlyn "You are tied to the emperor you are a concubine to," Elise said to the girl. "And Olive didn't give you any consent to do that to her. You did it against her will and that is a crime," Elise said coldly.

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"I'm sure she didn't really care. And I was drunk. Something was in that Grape Juice I was drinking earlier."

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 110 comments "Silence." It was an order, a command; nothing in the way Deepkia spoke left room for discussion, and this was a prime example of that. The blonde queen drew in a breath, looking between her daughter and the concubine. The girl was already in hot water as it was, with the revelation of her having assaulted a royal and forsaken her emperor. She lifted her chin slightly, thought clear on her face.

"Vanessa," she began, her words calculated and weighted, "Elise is right. You are a concubine, and as such you cannot have a relationship with my son unless your emperor releases you. That, however, is unlikely as it has now come to my knowledge that you assaulted a royal, a princess. You are here with your emperor, and you should return to him presently."

Her face was a blank mask now, all thought hidden behind her cool exterior. "Elise, Christopher; you and I shall have a discussion on this at a later time. For now, dress and go to your rooms." She pointed a finger at Vanessa, beckoning her forward. "You, come with me."

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Kaitlyn Elise grabbed her things and changed. She left the room silently, glad that her mother agreed with her.

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