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Entrance Hall

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Amaya strolled into the castle, head held high, arm poised at an angle with her decorated bag slung over the elbow. Her silky black hair had been straightened and glowed in the firey light of the castle. Her eyes were dark, almost appearing black in the light. Hung around her body was a fitted black dress with a high collar and ankle-length skirt. The simplicity of it made her complex features shine. Her red lips were glistening with a dark lipstick color and formed into a thin, straight line. With slightly closed eyes and an emotionless look on her face, she gave the Indian woman next to her a small yet polite nod.

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Christopher enters the entrance hall to find two women already there before him. "Hello, good ladies," He greeted them, his posture held high and ready to show off. He was a prince, after all. And after years of practicing to meet the world, he was ready. His earlier encounter with that japanese concubine wasn't very pretty. Despite having his clothes back on, he still felt awfully undressed. He just hoped that his mum (view spoiler) wasn't being too harsh on her. After all, Vanessa did seem quite sweet, if not desperate!

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments "Yoi gogo, watashi no kunshu." (view spoiler) Amaya nodded cooly the boy. She immediately recognized him from pictures: the American Prince. She'd heard stories and rumors about him, and as far as she could tell, by his puffed out chest and the cocky look on his face, they were mostly true. But Amaya was not a judging person. If that way the way this boy was, so be it. No use in trying to change him--that wasn't her job.

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Christopher smiled back at the girl. "What is your name, my dear lady?" He asked her, bowing down and reaching for her hand.
Although he didn't want to upset anyone, the other Hiroshima he had rejected, seemed to be sulking in the corner of the entrance hall.
He flipped back his bronze hair and pecked the girl's hand with his lips. Chris dashed a crystal white smile at her, then turned his attention to the slightly envious girl.
"And who might you be," he asked, all tones of flirtation vanished, leaving only behind his formal interview voice he kept for normal occasions. With one eyebrow raised, he seemed to think he had frightened the poor thing.

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((no, Amaya))

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Slightly out of anger, though more out of annoyance, Amaya upturned her nose as she responded to the prince. "Empress Yukimura, sir prince." she spoke the words carefully, making sure she translated from Japanese to English well, but also being sure to match the prince's tone. She could easily tell that he was pitying her, or something of the sort, and she didn't need that. She would rather be left alone than have someone talk to her because they thought she needed them to.

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Chris beamed at Avni, happy to have pleased her. He took a sideways glance to the other girl...He forgot her name..."I hope you are alright!" I said, my professional smile back on.
Then I turned to Avni. "Would you like to go on a walk with me?" I suggested, wanting to get out of this awkward and stuffy fix.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments With a quick swish of her dress, Amaya moved swiftly from the entrance hall and deeper into the castle. The romance echoing from the American prince and Indian woman was too much for her to handle. She wanted nothing to do with it, and in a moment, she was gone.

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((lets go to the rose garden...I'll post first!))

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