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The Royal Kitchen

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Oliver swung into the kitchen, a bounce in his step and a twinkle in his eyes. His face and neck were sparkling with sweat and his gray T-shirt was partially drenched in the same substance. His dark green bow was wrapped around his chest and his quiver rested in his left hand, empty except for one black arrow.
However his handsome image was quickly disrupted by a loud wail of hunger from his hardened stomache. Looking around the kitchen desperately, his green eyes landed on the full fruit bowl by the large stove. With a precious grin, Oliver grabbed a dark red apple and took a large chomp out of it.

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Kaitlyn Elise walked into the kitchen and grinned. "Hi Oliver," she said to her uncle. She went into the pantry and opened up a hidden compartment. She pulled out a bag of crackers and opened it. "How are you doing?" She asked him and put a little cracker in her mouth.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Oliver swallowed quickly and smiled at Elise. "Hey, Ellie," he watched her as she grabbed the crackers. "Pretty great, actually. It's such a nice day out," he paused, looking out the window, then back to her. "How about you? How's my favorite niece?"

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Kaitlyn Elise swallowed and smiled. "I'm doing good," she said to him. She rolled her eyes and nudged Oliver's shoulder with her hand. "You seriously have to stop saying that," she said jokingly.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Oliver grinned. "What's so bad about it?" His tone was mockingly innocent. "I only speak the truth." He winked at her.

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Kaitlyn ((That's okay! I'm mentioning the other princess in this little bit. I know she's not named or made yet.))

"Well although you might speak the truth, you are forgetting about my sister," she said rolling her eyes again. She grinned. "What have you been up to today?" She asked him curiously. She'd been longing to ride her horse, but hadn't gotten around to it.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Oliver sighed. "Oh I know, you're just so much more fun." He sounded like a child, unable to keep his opinions to himself. Moving on, he said with a satisfied smile. "Just practicing with my bow."

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Kaitlyn "Oh fun!" Elise told him, smiling. "are you going to get back to practicing, or are you going to do something else?" She asked, pocketing an apple.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Oliver took another bite of his own apple. "Not sure," he replied, his mouth slightly full. "I think the guards have a training session out there now."

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Kaitlyn "Ah," Elise said. "Has anything exciting happened lately?" She asked curiously.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments "Not that I can think of," Oliver admitted. "I know the Japanese family is supposed to be arriving soon. Does that count?"

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Kaitlyn Elise shrugged. "We get visitors so often," Elise pointed out. "Any idea when they're arriving?" She asked casually.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments ((Sorry, I was driving, but I'm back :P))

Oliver shrugged. He couldn't have voiced his feelings better. This was why the two of them got along so well--they just thought so much alike. "Sometime in the next few days I think. Not totally sure."

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Kaitlyn She smiled."Ah okay," she said calmly. "Hey what's that?" She asked pointing behind him.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Oliver followed her pointing hand. "What's what?" he asked, trying to figure out what she was pointing to.

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Kaitlyn "Made ya look," she said with a smirk. Elise giggled. She made a silly face at him and backed away a bit, not knowing what his reaction would be.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Oliver was silent for a moment, then started to giggle, a cute giggle that should never come from a man his age or size. "You better watch it," he warned mockingly. "I still have one arrow left."

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Kaitlyn "I know you wouldn't use it," Elise said, grinning from ear to ear. "And besides, I could easily disarm you before you have a chance to aim," she said, laughing. "You know how mother thinks," Elise pointed out. "She wants me to be able to defend myself. She doesn't want me helpless. And I am far from it," she said, still grinning.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments "Oh I know," Oliver chuckled. "But even Deepkia couldn't keep at bay when I have my bow." he winked.

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Kaitlyn Elise stuck her tongue out at her uncle. "Well without your bow then," she said. "And don't call mom that please. It's just.. Odd," Elise told him. She smiled. "So.." She said awkwardly. She didn't want to be rude and leave, but she wanted to go see her horse.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Oliver chuckled. "Well, I can't call her Mom, can I?" he chuckled. He watches as Elise's expression changes into a desperate familiar one and he smiled. "You're wanting your horse, aren't you?"

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Kaitlyn "I know but it's just weird," Elise said with a smile. "And yes. I've been meaning to go for the past few days but haven't gotten around to it," Elise said to him. Elise pulled out the apple. "Hence this," she said, grinning. She put it back. "Wanna come with?" She asked him.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Oliver chuckled again, then smiled as he considered her request. "Well I haven't taken Liberty out Ina few days. She could use the exercise," he admitted, envisioning his golden horse in his mind. "Sure, it could be fun."

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Kaitlyn "Well then let's go!" Elise said happily. She grabbed his hand and practically dragged him out of the kitchen.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Oliver laughed, stumbling a bit as she pulled him with her.

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