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message 1: by Matt (new)

Matt Williams (sketcity) | 4 comments Hi, I'm Matt. I'm Looking for reviewers for Dystopian/Suspense/Adventure novel. Here is some information on my project.

Sket City

Snippet from the Book.

'Maybe as long as ten minutes passed . . . ten minutes of inconsequentialities, ten minutes of vulgarity, laughter, sneering and shame . . . during which Aggie had begun to have sex with one of the thugs, playing with him and him with her; and already, Cassie’s heart was pounding in her chest, her pulse was racing, her eyes fluttering and her teeth grinding. Her jaw tightened as frightening surges of energy seemed to fill her entire body; and suddenly, the sight of Aggie when she looked across at her, bent over on all fours with one of the thugs in her mouth, and the other taking her from behind, was all too much for her.'

Plot Outline.

The shocking story of a fight for survival against the odds, by a group of youngsters cast adrift in a town that could be any one of our inner cities today. Here could be your children's future, society's future - OUR future if we don't change before it's too late.

If you're concerned at all for the future of your children, you may find it shocking, not only because of the widespread, endemic use of hard drugs which is prevalent throughout the story; but it takes place in the beautiful, picturesque seaside resort of Brighton.And it is happening NOW throughout our country in almost all of our traditional market towns.

The book contains probably the best description of a 'bad trip' you will ever read – together with valuable information on the destructive effects of modern drugs, written by someone who has experienced them personally.

On another level, it is a terrific adventure story: a bunch of no-hope drug addicts up against the kind of thugs and hoodlums that already haunt most of our inner cities; and through a combination of street-wise intelligence, improvisation and effective use of whatever resources they can find at their disposal, winning all the odds. But at what price?

Another Snippet.

'Because, Duke loved his hard, shiny loved one far more than he loved any living person. It caressed rather than cut, was razor-sharp as any loved one should always be if she is to help you like she should. The reason for this thinking was simply that he had always believed a loving relationship should never be based on mere feelings of endearment – such a philosophy was misleading. Instead, love must be compounded of a total belief in your partner; and in having implicit trust that such belief will invariably bring with it, the direct assistance that one all too often needs through life. And in the awful, debilitating environment into which Duke had been pitched, not out of choice, and which he had come to recognise only reluctantly; he had come to recognise his knife for what it had become: the only assistance he could rely on implicitly every time. Hence, he had also come to call her, his One True Love: his partner, his lover and a constant companion who also provided him with relief in other ways than just defending him when he was threatened.'

Contact me via Goodreads if you are interested. Thanks.

message 2: by Carolise (new)

Carolise (winderland) Hey would you like me to be a reviewer for this?

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