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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 20 comments Here we are ^-^

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Okay cool! So any sort of mystery like ideas you have in mind? I'm trying to think of something that would be interesting... oh and what were you wanting it to be? I kind of prefer MxF if that's ok but really I don't mind much c:

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 20 comments Welp, people disappearing is a common one, so if we're going with Supernatural, that'll work with people turning up dead.
I'm fine with mxf, but fxf is cool, too. It also doesn't have to be an actual romance
like a bromance
or bramance
but we can do a romance

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Oh yeah, of course, it doesn't have to be romance I agree c: Okay cool, so I would definitely like to be the girl though if that's alright? I don't mind if you choose girl or guy doesn't matter to me really c: And as for the plot, yeah that could work :D I was thinking maybe like one of the characters is more experienced with hunting, and the other is like really new at it and they first meet while hunting the same monster or something? And maybe as it goes on, they start to realize that their somehow connected to each other more than they thought in some way, like maybe their parents knew one another or something?

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 20 comments I think them having a rivalry of sorts, competing to take down the same monster, would be an interesting start. Especially if one of them is fairly inexperienced in comparison to the other.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Okay cool! I'll start working on my character :)

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) First Name : Allison
Middle Name: Miranda
Last Name : Keynes
Nickname[s] : Ali, Randa

Age: 24
Date of Birth: February 17
Place Of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia
Gender: Female


Eye Color:

Body Type: Small frame, but athletic build.
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 147
Blood Type: O +
Markings/ Imperfections: Scar on her belly from a vampire’s claws going horizontally across her abdomen.

Ali is a very dynamic character. She can be strong willed, powerful, defiant, motivated, caring, and passionate, but she can also be self centered, snarky, rude, and domineering. She sees life as something that should be conquered and taken over, and while she is new at the whole hunting thing, she is a quick study, and is intelligent. However, she still has much to learn, and sometimes her arrogance gets her in deep trouble, forcing her to make rash decisions last minute. She can be seen as cruel sometimes, believing every monster needs to be destroyed, even though some are good. She kills anything and everything, even though she’s still getting the hang of it. So far, she’s been lucky, but one of these days, her attitude will get her hurt. If you are friends with her, she will be kind and courteous, her natural optimism seeping through, however, she has very few real friends in her life.

Hobbies: Drinks some. Not a heavy drinker, but she loves a good game of pool. Drawing and reading as well.
Skills: Hunting monsters, demons, ghosts, etc.

When she was just nineteen, studying in college to become an artist, her entire family was reported dead; they had all gone on a family camp out in the woods. The coroner claimed it was because of a bear attack, but distressed and distraught, Ali went to seek out the truth, only to discover a dark world filled with monsters. She dropped out of school, and started hunting, deciding that whatever it took, she wasn’t going to let what happened to her happen to anyone else. She had been hunting the vampires who killed her family, but so far, has had no luck.

Family: None that she knows of; killed by vampires.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 20 comments So, I'm making the inexperienced one? My template will be pretty short.

Once that's done, who'll start?

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Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Yeah if you don't mind? If you'd like to be the experienced one instead I can change mine up a bit! And I can start whenever you're ready c:

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 20 comments

( geraldine gloria amos & female & eighteen )

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