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The Art Forger
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message 1: by Chava (new)

Chava | 2788 comments Hi all,

This is the thread to discuss The art forger. The discussion leader is Priya. Thank you Priya

Leslie (lesmorecats) | 72 comments I read this for another book club two years ago.
By now I don't remember a thing other than that she started out pure and got sucked in.

message 3: by Priya (last edited May 11, 2015 02:10PM) (new) - added it

Priya | 10 comments Hey All,

I am Priya and this is my first time leading a discussion here.
Chava did mention that this book has already been read. I guess there will be a few like me who missed it. Been wanting to read this for a long time.

Anybody reading this book? I just got my copy from the library.More posts on the go.

Happy reading!

Karen (karen94066) | 262 comments Hi Priya,
I led the group last time.
I learned a lot about how to forge artworks and how to analyze great works of art.
I felt it was a very interesting look at what lengths someone might go to be successful.


it was particularly interesting to find she could have been a star with just her own art
unfortunately she had to deal with the art gallery to get noticed.
whether she really had to sleep with the gallery owner is another matter



Hope you get some spirited discussion.
This was a great book.

message 5: by Priya (new) - added it

Priya | 10 comments Hey Karen,

I am half way into the book. The plot is interesting. I am not into art but this made me search on the paintings and learn its history. And once you learn about the process and the level of work that goes into, it makes you appreciate art more. Ha ha I am going to (try to) forget what I read as the spoiler.


Karen (karen94066) | 262 comments I thought it was interesting to base the book on an actual art theft, then veer off into fiction.

Pamela Mclaren | 184 comments Just found out that I have this book! Shows you how well I keep track of my books (its on my Kindle). Now that I realize that the group is reading, I will have to get started on it.

message 8: by Priya (new) - added it

Priya | 10 comments Pamela,
You should read this book. I just finished it. It has a very interesting premise. I was never aware such a heist happened. It educates you and takes you on a thrill ride.

message 9: by Priya (new) - added it

Priya | 10 comments Anyone who has read it or reading it, I have a question. If Mona Lisa was a fake.. would you still love it?
I am giving an example of Mona Lisa here, because it has been promoted a lot making us go back to it again and again...
Let's say it is announced that it was not painted by Leonardo da Vinci, would it still be the most famous painting?

Pamela Mclaren | 184 comments Priya wrote: "Anyone who has read it or reading it, I have a question. If Mona Lisa was a fake.. would you still love it?
I am giving an example of Mona Lisa here, because it has been promoted a lot making us go..."

Good questions, Priya! I'm about 18 percent into the book and the premise is very interesting. Right off the bat, you question your own ethics and what you would be willing to do.

☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎ | 601 comments I'm popping in to see how everyone is liking this book. I found it to be an ok book. I'm going to look at previous post to see what I've missed.

Karen (karen94066) | 262 comments I'm not sure I loved it knowing it was is much smaller than I thought it would be...and very difficult to get up close to view it.

That was 40 years ago. I don't know how it is presented now.

message 13: by Priya (last edited May 20, 2015 04:58AM) (new) - added it

Priya | 10 comments Playing the devil's advocate here.

From wikipedia on the heist- 'The selection of stolen works puzzled experts, as more valuable artworks were present in the museum'. To get to the finial, they passed by two Raphaels and a Botticelli.

Some really interesting facts. They removed
1. Govaert Flinck's Landscape with an Obelisk (1638) (which at one time was attributed to Rembrandt).
2. A Lady and Gentleman in Black (1633) (the museum says this is a Rembrandt, but some scholars, including the Rembrandt Research Project in Amsterdam, say it is not).

Now, What is your thought on this. Do you think the thieves knew about art? Do you think they were experts and taking out forgeries? Was it random?

Could it have been the starting point for B.A Shapiro?

Pamela Mclaren | 184 comments Here's another interesting angle to the original theft from the New York Times in February:

message 15: by Priya (new) - added it

Priya | 10 comments Pamela wrote: "Here's another interesting angle to the original theft from the New York Times in February:"

Thanks for sharing Pamela. In all likelihood, it looks like it is going to remain unsolved.

Have you completed the book? If so, did you like it? Will it change how you would view a painting again?

Pamela Mclaren | 184 comments I'm halfway through the book and seem to be drawn to it. I would like to know what people think of Claire and Merkel. I started to think that it was a huge mistake for her to trust Merkel at the beginning and another mistake to get as close to him as she has.

Pamela Mclaren | 184 comments Have finished the book. As I got closer to the end, I suspected what would happen, and it did. While it detracted a bit from my enjoyment, it was till a pretty good book. What did others think about reading a book with as much art history, details about painting and forgery, etc.?

message 18: by Priya (new) - added it

Priya | 10 comments On Claire and Markel.. The more I thought, the harder it got to decide whether Claire was completely innocent. Probably, the story line of her volunteering efforts makes the character difficult to dislike. Was it because of circumstance that she undertook the duplication or would she have done it anyway?

I could see where the story was heading. This book however has made me respect artisans more. Apart from the talent to sketch, the techniques are so elaborate, no wonder the paintings are that precious.

Pamela Mclaren | 184 comments That's true! Would she have taken it on if she had achieved at least some success under her own name? I think she just might have.

Thanks for sharing, Priya.

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