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message 1: by A.L., Stormy Chronicler (new)

A.L. Butcher (alb2012) | 998 comments Sorry it's a bit late!
Welcome to your month Jorden. I see from your profile you have studied quite a few languages - which did you find most challenging? Also why these particular languages?

message 2: by Jorden (new)

Jorden Leonard (jordenleonard) | 15 comments Thank you

So in a classroom setting I've studied Hawaiian, Latin, French, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Chinese was the hardest for me. I had a lot of trouble with pronunciation so I only took it for a year. I loved writing it and the simple logical grammar, but getting the sounds just right was too much in a scholastic setting.

Hawaiian because I was living there as a kid.

Latin because I tricked my school into thinking I was smart.

French because the teacher was hot.

Russian and Chinese because they were the biggest country in size or population.

And finally, Japanese because I was living there teaching English.

message 3: by Jorden (last edited May 05, 2015 11:12PM) (new)

Jorden Leonard (jordenleonard) | 15 comments Tomorrow morning I will have free to write yay.

Best time of day for me is about 10 am.

I'll hopefully get done a rough of chapter 2 for Ranger Of Path. You can find chap 1 on Wattpad or Figment.

Feel free to comment/suggest/critique

My goal is to have this be a pageturner. A weakness of my first book. I'm trying to become a better storyteller.

message 4: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Zigler (toriz) | 1400 comments I see from your profile you've moved around a lot.

What's your favourite thing about each of the places you've lived in? Also, what's your least favourite thing about each of them?

message 5: by Ubiquitous (new)

Ubiquitous Bubba (ubiquitousbubba) | 413 comments When you write dialogue, do you hear it mentally? Do the sounds of the words play a part in your word choices? When you correct a character's grammar, do they get upset? When you change a character's speech patterns, do they crawl out of your head and slap you?

Uh...No, me neither. No.

message 6: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Zigler (toriz) | 1400 comments *Chuckles at Bubba*

message 7: by Jorden (new)

Jorden Leonard (jordenleonard) | 15 comments Victoria wrote: "I see from your profile you've moved around a lot.

What's your favourite thing about each of the places you've lived in? Also, what's your least favourite thing about each of them?"

I was born in northern California.
I remember playing in roots of the greatest trees in the world while my mom was belly dancing.

I remember the icy waters of unheated pools and a man who failed to be my father.

I grew up on the big island of Hawaii.
I remember the majesty of nature in life and fire. I got a puppy, a beautiful Akita that was the smallest and smartest of the litter. We adventured together in a land of giant ferns, wild pigs, and volcanoes. I found a spiritual center there before I turned eight.

I was teased relentlessly, for having pale skin, for wearing shoes, for anything and everything. We were isolated. No other kids around. We showered in rain water and used a generator for light.

It was paradise.

I became a teenager in Pennsylvania.
We lived in four places around the southeastern part of the state.

I liked when we rented a trailer on a farm. There was a pond and friends to play with. I fished and lived with dirty toes.

When we moved near Philly the flatlands of suburbia depressed me. The air stunk and race mattered even more than it did in Hawaii.

I escaped with backpacking trips into the Appalachians, but there was no fire shooting into the sky, no green sand beaches, or even a pond near my home. Also in summer I’d sweat at midnight with the windows all the way open.

I finished high school in Southern Oregon.

Hicks and hispanics called me outsider at first, but I’d matured and pushed past that into marginal acceptance through the gateway of the wrestling team. It wasn’t as idyllic as Fern Forest or have the redwoods of California, but it was drier than PA and had hills everywhere I looked.

It was also a cultural wasteland populated by franchises. Religion was more important than reality and it was popular to believe that Oregon would never run out of trees.

I went to college in Salem.

I’m still paying back my student loans.

I settled in Portland.

Best place I’ve ever lived. I raved. I protested. I had sex with a lot of women.

Hard to make a living. I was educated and willing, but poorer than I’d ever been.

Took a break to live in Japan.

A bizarro version of America. Recognizably western, but only through a mirror. I earned money leisurely, while brushing aside the attentions of desperate women.

Stifling. Singing other people’s songs instead of their own. No free-styling and too much cigarette smoke.

Returned to start a family in Portlandia.

No more gunshots in my neighborhood, just another New Seasons. The city has settled now that it is the new place for young people to retire.

It is painfully hip. Gotta put a bird on it.

My son's bus stop is two miles away for a forty minute ride to school.

Every morning he asks me to tell him a story.

message 8: by Jorden (new)

Jorden Leonard (jordenleonard) | 15 comments Ubiquitous wrote: "When you write dialogue, do you hear it mentally? Do the sounds of the words play a part in your word choices? When you correct a character's grammar, do they get upset? When you change a character..."

I do hear the dialogue and the sounds of words matter. I will make audio copies of all my books, so the actual sound and pacing is a priority.

Generally if they are understood I don’t mess with a character’s grammar, as long as I can remember to be consistent with their mistakes and keep repeating the same ones.

They don’t slap me, but they do squeal in sadness as their color fades and they blending into another face of me.

message 9: by Stan (new)

Stan Morris (morriss003) Aloha from Maui. Where did you live on the Big Island? Have you used experiences from that in your writing?

message 10: by Jorden (new)

Jorden Leonard (jordenleonard) | 15 comments Aloha

In the woods near Fern Forest, Hawaii. In a house we built out of redwood because it resists rot and termites.

I moved there just before four and left just before I turned eight. Not a lot of time, but some pretty formative years especially when contrasted with the mundane mainland that followed.

I drew upon Pele, taking her persona and name for a key entity in a book where I mixed all mythologies together and presented them as another universe that partnered with ours and whose beings helped make us as we are.

I see volcanoes as less explosive, and tend to write about them from a Hawaiian experience of lava and black rock rather than Mount St Helens or Pompei.

I experienced years in a tropical paradise with very few natural dangers, basically lava holes, and pig tusks. This was before the dirty drugs swept through Hawaii. It was mostly just pot back then, and so pretty safe all around, even for a haole kid. So I think when I write within such climates I may err on the side of paradise.

message 11: by Barbara (new)

message 12: by Jorden (new)

Jorden Leonard (jordenleonard) | 15 comments Thank you Barbara

I just uploaded the third chapter of the book draft I'm working on here
and here

Take a look

message 13: by Jorden (new)

Jorden Leonard (jordenleonard) | 15 comments Hows the following as the first chapter for a book?
Ishkur dances for life as his murderous audience stabs and grabs. A spontaneous performance answering an ambush that interrupted the half-elf’s revere. The five burly men that ring the hilltop share ragged uniforms of black and gray, shoulders teasing with threads of ranks before desertion. He appreciates the rank smell they do maintain, which had woken him from soaking in the noon sun and the whisper of wind through tall grass.

message 14: by Jorden (new)

Jorden Leonard (jordenleonard) | 15 comments new draft chapter done

Been nice having a month in the group's spotlight.

Going camping with the family and am excited about musing opportunities.

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