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Ramla Zareen Ahmad | 1164 comments Mod
Hello everyone

Please let's discuss those Romance books that are based on the theme: 

"Brainy/Genius Hero or Heroine

Thanks :-)

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Ramla Zareen Ahmad | 1164 comments Mod
Almost Heaven Almost Heaven (Sequels, #3) by Judith McNaught by Judith McNaught is among my most favourite Historical Romance books :-)

In my opinion, Judith McNaught is highly talented in delightfully addictive writing, witty dialogues, humorous situations, intricate plots, interesting stories, emphasizing important qualities in relationships, skilful characterisation, inventing lovable protagonists, and weaving superb romance, including both 'ideal love' and 'physical chemistry', between them. 

I very much appreciate her abilities to invoke emotions, develop empathy and emotional attachment with characters, ...and above all, her flair for creating, extremely wonderful and absolutely enthralling, male protagonists...! 

Here I should add that Ian Thornton, the 'hero' of Almost Heaven, is one of my favourite male protagonists of Romance books :-)

Moreover, he is also a 'genius', who can do fast mental mathematical calculations among other things ...hence, the theme Brainy/Genius Hero/Heroine can be applied here.

The book can also be claimed to be based on the theme Second Chance / Reunion.

Anyway, not only does Judith McNaught's wonderful writing makes me get both emotionally and mentally involved in the characters and their stories ...but also, her books always leave me feeling contented and immensely happy :-)

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m s | 1 comments Love Judith McNaught. New contemporary story Lily in Blue, is set in San Francisco and has a smart brainy heroine.

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Ramla Zareen Ahmad | 1164 comments Mod
One Contemporary Romantic Suspense book that seems to match the following two themes:

1) Starting Over / Moving To Another Place / Taking On A New Identity 

2) Brainy/Genius Hero/Heroine

...is The Witness The Witness by Nora Roberts by Nora Roberts.

My Rating: 4 STARS= Very Good= Enjoyable= I liked it very much...!

Since I usually prefer my Mysteries cozy and my Romances cute, so I am not very much into Suspense and Thrillers. However, I really liked this book and especially enjoyed the romantic development and the various interactions between the main characters :-)  

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