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Miatroll | 8 comments "At eighteen, Shar is out of the close ward and ready to take over the world! Err… did I say take over the world? What I probably meant is wake up – preferably while it's still morning – take her happy pills and try to contain her bitterness as she watches her peers move on with their lives.
With a borderline personality disorder, adult life is not exactly what the brilliant Shar, a straight A student had always imagined it to be. Simple tasks like taking a bus or sitting alone in a lecture hall full of other students seem like great obstacles, and great obstacles, like believing in herself, even when her everyday reality isn't always interesting, appealing or attractive seem impossible.
Would Shar stand up to the challenge? Is she even up to it? (enter a proper cliché and a cute boy!hero, here)."

So… first thing first. What I'm really looking for is a co-author. I'm happy enough to write on my own, but will be much happier to collaborate with a partner. It provides me with motivation to write, having another person to swap ideas and talk about the story is immensely helpful, and last but not least, I believe that writing with another person grant stories with depth and perception that usually don't come from only a single author, especially when switching between POVs.

This story is at its very beginning. Thus it's open to change. Nevertheless, I would prefer my co-author to be American, since the story occurs in an American town and around an American university.

Lacking a willing co-author, I would still be happy for a beta reader who could read the manuscript, comment, and probably answer questions concerning the US and American culture.

If you're interested, please email me at

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Please take a look at my website, at

I am doing mostly editing, but co-authoring sounds intriguing. If we mesh well there world be no charge, but it will take some time as my editing has to continue.

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