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message 1: by Jade (last edited May 01, 2015 02:28PM) (new)

Jade Togonon (maidenofdragons) | 3 comments Hello! I'm looking for action-packed YA fantasy books with a strong female lead~ Someone who's capable or resourceful (not necessarily a fighting machine.. I just don't want to spend a quarter of a book about self-pity and foolish indecisiveness that puts people in danger).. Books like Graceling, Grave Mercy, Poison Study or Hunger Games are good. I like Ildiko from Radiance though.. A bit of romance is welcome! I do prefer slow-building relationships though.. not really a fan of "OMG he's so hot! I love him already!" stuff =_=


message 2: by Romana (new)

Romana (eponinejondrettes) | 2 comments Angelfall - Penn is a little bit of a fighting machine, but she's a very interesting character
The Winner's Curse - Kestrel the lead isn't much of a fighter, but she's very cunning
An Ember in the Ashes - this alternates perspectives between a male and female lead. Plus, it's a little slow at the start, but it picks up speed later on

message 3: by Jade (new)

Jade Togonon (maidenofdragons) | 3 comments All of those sound so interesting!! Thank you!!

message 4: by Chocolatesoup (new)

Chocolatesoup Check out Finnikin of the Rock, the female lead is strong, the plot is intricate and there is a slow building romance too.

message 5: by Kay (last edited May 07, 2015 05:23PM) (new)

Kay (queenofrandomness) | 16 comments It's been ages since I've read it, but I remember liking Paranormalcy quite a bit.

You may also want to try Howl's Moving Castle

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