Red Queen (Red Queen, #1) Red Queen question

It was so very evident
Potiem Potiem May 01, 2015 01:46PM
Dunno why people think that the end was an unexpected one. Juliane's role was introduced only to explain it well around the
Couldn't quite understand how the tech. is used in some cases whereas in the others it seemed ancient.
When they were fighting for life at the end. Had chances to attack maven and both didnt try , thats weird.
When addressing the public and attending public parties, none of the reds ever recognized her. If makeup was the reason then how did her family recognized her when she came to meet them with Cal. and the questions goes on///

It really wasn't. You got the line "Anybody can betray anybody" thrown at you for eight times and you think people won't suspect even a little bit? Don't know who Juliana is though.

It was all very convenient, the tech, the not attacking. I don't know how Mare decided to join the guard when she knew that Elara could read her mind at any moment, it was just too dangerous and the fact that she didn't even think about it was dumb.

Or how come if mothers can't pass their gifts they make the pageant to choose the strongest Queen? And why Elara said that sometimes the powers of the parents could mix and would explain Mare? I still don't get why was Evangeline the strongest of them all, you got people who could predict the future, bring that into the family!

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