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Angela Rohde (angelarohde) | 72 comments BOOK 5: The Dead Hand
Friday, May 29-June 4, pages 409 to 506 (97 pages)

Terry ~ Huntress of Erudition | 504 comments I think it is ironic that while both Casaubon and Featherstone have monetary power and influence over their relatives, they both die misunderstood and powerless.
Featherstone manipulates his relatives, taken advantage of their greed, but is unable to corrupt Mary by bribing her to burn one of his wills and he dies unloved, holding onto his money and his wills.

Casaubon tries to control Ladislaw by supporting him in his artistic endeavors and travels and adding an insulting section to his will in which he tries to keep Ladislaw from marrying Dorothea after he dies, purely from jealousy. He ends up alienating his own wife before he dies out of his own insecurity. He takes her suggestions regarding his work as criticism and her considerate regard for Ladislaw as infatuation.

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