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Jessica Adkins-Charles (jkcharles_) | 6 comments I was curious as to who you all are picturing as Harley & Fox as your read. Who would be your ideal actor/actress/model/singer to play these roles? I keep picturing Victoria Justice in my head as Harley. For Fox, I keep picturing her Eye Candy co-star, Casey Deidrick (clean-shaven) but I'm still feeling Fox out so that may change.

Jennifer Zamora (the_naughty_librarian) | 2 comments For me Victoria is still a kid star in my mind... (Im old I guess lol)
Im gonna have to go look into this a little more. I picture Foxx as darker than the cover model. Maybe black hair. Or really close to it. Not sure why.

Jessica Adkins-Charles (jkcharles_) | 6 comments Jennifer, I felt the same way about Fox. The cover model just isn't who I picture Fox as at all. I pictured him with darker hair and features.

Maci Dillon (macidillon) When I think Fox, I think Liam Hemsworth - have no clue why but I don't mind one bit:)

Jessica Adkins-Charles (jkcharles_) | 6 comments I can totally see that, Maci! He would make a yummy Fox ;)

Angie | 17 comments Mod
Every hot guy in every book I read I picture as Theo James!! So Fox, in my mind, is Theo! For Harley...hmmm....maybe Emma Watson??

Maci Dillon (macidillon) Jessica wrote: "I can totally see that, Maci! He would make a yummy Fox ;)"

It just makes me love Fox that little bit more lol

Maci Dillon (macidillon) Theo James & Emma Watson... I can totally see that as well!

Gwendolyn Grace (gwendolyngrace) | 1 comments Mod
Hello! I'm so glad that you are are reading Carolina Hurricane. I love seeing who you all picture as Harley and Fox.

I have feeling I'm going to disappoint some of you. I love Theo James by the way! (Four...sigh) as well as Liam Hemsworth but Fox has always looked like Stephen Amell in my head. Bright blue eyes and All-American looking, just a little bit of stubble...

 photo Fox_zps0ynvwzci.jpg

Clara Alfonso is what Harley looks like for me...
 photo a00e1532-c124-4fa4-81c8-fa2c3e1dc2db_zpsehqzk0nr.jpg


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Maci Dillon (macidillon) No way could you disappoint with Stephen Amell!!! And I can definitely picture Clara as Harley too :)

Angie | 17 comments Mod
Oh, why hello Stephen Amell!! :) I can deal with him as Fox!!!

Jessica Adkins-Charles (jkcharles_) | 6 comments Cannot go wrong with Stephen Amell!!! ❤️

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