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Steph (angel4492) | 28236 comments SOS is 5! Happy 5th Birthday, SOS!
Happy birthday, Dear SOS, Happy birthday to you!

When I first got the idea to create this group five years ago, I was so nervous. I'd been a member of Goodreads for a little over a year and loved chatting with other book lovers. But, as a serious series addict, I longed for a spot where I could chat not only about paranormal and urban fantasy books, but also series specifically. I did a quick group search and there were no series-specific groups.

Still, I wondered ... Would anyone join the group? If they did, would they actually chat with me? I can remember telling a GR friend, FlibBityFLooB, what I wanted to do and the worries I had. She laughed, as any friend would, and said, "What do you have to lose? If it doesn't work out, just delete it."

And so, on 22 May 2010, SOS: Serious Overload of Series was born! Five years later, we have over 2,800 members! We have sparked a rash of different team games and challenges around Goodreads, discussed dozens and dozens of fantasy-related series, made good friends, and reminded each other that our serious series addiction is not something to be treated and stopped but celebrated and shared!

Judithe and Sandra, many, many thanks for joining me on this adventure! I'm so grateful for your friendship and support. And, thank you to our members! Your participation makes everything we do worth it.

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Steph (angel4492) | 28236 comments Thank you!

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Steph (angel4492) | 28236 comments PS: For the month of May, the group will be sporting a birthday banner and logo.

Lanie (Lanies Book Thoughts) (lanieadamsk) | 29 comments happy birthday photo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HappyBirthday6ZER0.gif

Way to go Steph:)! You made and awesome group that will be around for a looooong time!

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Daffodil (daffodil--ripcranberry) | 2098 comments Thanks for all your hard work over the last 5 years!

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Jenne  (jennetheinstigator) | 1179 comments Happy Birthday SOS! And I'm very glad you took the chance Steph :)
GR wouldn't be the same without SOS!

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AH | 2271 comments Thanks for the wonderful work you do!

Valerie ~ Val Hall ~ | 8445 comments Maybe I shouldn't write this but it's one of my favorite GR groups. You and the mods make the group friendly and alive....I always want to come back.

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Sandra | 23491 comments Thanks everyone, and Val it's my favourite group as well.

A special thank you to Steph who is the clever, creative one and I'm thankful I get to ride along :D

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ladymurmur | 668 comments Congratulations, and happy birthday, SOS!

Jean ~ Kindle Queen (jkat9) | 370 comments Five years already?! Happy Birthday, SOS! We're glad you took the plunge, Steph. :)

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~JustMel~ | 524 comments Woop woop!!! Happy birthday!!!!

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Judithe | 6371 comments I have to say DITTO to what Sandra said! This is also my absolute favorite group on's fun, informative, and the greatest folks hang out here! Thank you all for making it into this, and thank you, Steph, for following a dreamy idea and turning it into SOS!

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Lis | 3549 comments HaPpY BiRtHdAy! SOS!! You are my favorite GR's group by far... Thx for all your time and dedication to the group... Congrats!

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FlibBityFLooB | 169 comments Has it been that long??? happy birthday!

message 16: by Thenia (new)

Thenia | 976 comments Happy birthday! It's my favorite GR group as well. Thank you for all the hard work and may we get many many more birthdays to celebrate.

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~Melissa~ | 1401 comments Happy Birthday SOS! Thanks to the Mods for all that you do - always so fun:)

message 18: by Jenika (new)

Jenika Happy Birthday SOS!!!

message 19: by Christina T (new)

Christina T (crysteena73) | 180 comments Happy Birthday SOS!!! I've not been here very long but I enjoy it a lot! Great concept Steph, thanks for pioneering us!

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D.G. | 2752 comments Oh wow, Happy Birthday SOS! Thanks for all your work over the years, Steph and team. :)

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Raquel (Rocki) (raquelgabrielle) | 914 comments Happy Birthday SOS!!!!!

message 22: by Nichole (new)

Nichole | 1199 comments Happy Birthday SOS! Thank you for everything that you do :)

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Steph (angel4492) | 28236 comments Thanks for joining and sticking with us! We wouldn't have nearly as much fun without all of you! :D

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P.S. Love (pslove) | 12 comments Oops, I'm late to the party. CONGRATS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *Throws streamers up in the air*

I once mentioned that for turning me on to FictFact, I wanted to give back to this group in some way. I had offered to donate free ebooks for game prizes, but I think Steph might've forgotten to contact me about that =D, so I will take it upon myself to go ahead and make my donations here for SOS's birthday celebration instead. That way anybody in this group (even if not engaged in the games) can receive some FREE ebooks.

Here's some info before I provide the links ...

1) First download the 1st in the series (it's permafree for now). I'll provide the links below for each vendor.

2) will be delivering you the other ebooks in the series. You will need to enter your name and email addy, but only so they know where to send the files. Unless you sign up for their mailing list, you shouldn't be emailed again once you receive the ebook file(s). Unfortunately, you will have to enter your info for each ebook you want to receive (they're separate links).

Please read their 'For Readers' section if you need further info or help with files >> instaFreebie Help Page

3) The links will expire May 31, 2015

4) You will have the opportunity to choose ePub, Mobi (Kindle) or PDF

5) There are no strings attached. You are NOT required to rate/review or recommend. I give these to you unconditionally (all I ask is that you respect my copyrights--these files are meant only for you and no one outside of this group).

Here are the three series in the Paranormal and Fantasy genres I'm donating ...

-------------- *** --------------

~*~ NEED series: (Paranormal Erotic Romance) ~*~

*Explicit sexual content and strong language*

So far there are 4 novella length episodes out. You can stop at the 4th one because both 3 & 4 can be read as standalones.

For NEED: Turn Me (the 1st book in the series), you can download it at the following vendors:

Amazon | GooglePlay | B&N | Apple/iTunes | Kobo | Scribd

(NOTE: If you're in a country where it's not showing up as FREE, message me to let me know)

The links to the rest of the episodes are below:

NEED 2: Trust Me | NEED 3: Rock Me | NEED 4: Save Me

-------------- *** --------------

~*~ BEAUTIES and THEIR BEASTS series: (Paranormal Romance) ~*~

*Content is sensual; there's flirting and fondling, but very little, if any, graphic sex*

Both novellas in this series are standalones.

For Beauties and Their Beasts 1: TESSA (the 1st book in the series), you can download it at the following vendors:

Amazon | GooglePlay | B&N | Apple/iTunes | Kobo | Scribd

The link to the 2nd book in the series is below:

Beauties and Their Beasts 2: OLIVIA

-------------- *** --------------

~*~ AVADONYA series: (Fantasy Romance) ~*~

*Mature theme (for the open minded)*

For Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra (the 1st book in the series), you can download it at the following vendors:

Amazon | GooglePlay | B&N | Apple/iTunes | Kobo | Scribd

The link to the sequel is below:

Avadonya 2: A New Dawn

-------------- *** --------------

I hope you enjoy them! =)

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Steph (angel4492) | 28236 comments Thanks for sharing your stories with us, PS! I hadn't forgotten. :D

message 26: by Moondance (new)

Moondance (moondance120) | 1746 comments Happy belated Birthday to SOS! I am so happy I found this group. Thank you Steph for being the mastermind behind the group. Hugs to Judithe and Sandra for being wonderful mods! I love this group!

message 27: by Sandra, Kindle Operator Licence Required (new)

Sandra | 23491 comments Thanks Cheryl :)

message 28: by Steph, Just keep swimming … (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 28236 comments Thanks Cheryl! :D

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