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The True Virus
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all things promotional > 99¢ SPECIAL for THRILLER – “THE TRUE VIRUS”

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Charles Vrooman (greenpower) | 124 comments 99¢ “May 7 Day Amazon Countdown Special” for the thriller, “The True Virus”, starts 5/1/15. This weekend will be the first and only weekend in May for this amazing deal.
Could a hacker break into a computer and plant a program to create a deadly virus like Ebola? The answer is YES in the biotech thriller - “The True Virus”. In this action filled novel, Hamas bioterrorist corrupt the DNA component of the CIA’s main computer and transfer a true virus to an agent’s cell phone in Israel. The result is a life threatening epidemic which must be stopped.

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Annette Macintyre | 70 comments Why is this on here? I really love this site but this is not what I look for here.

Charles Vrooman (greenpower) | 124 comments Annette, I posted this promotion here because it is titled "all things promotional".

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Annette Macintyre | 70 comments Ok, sorry. I goofed up. So it sounds kind of exciting. I am really into biotech thrillers. I am "a published author " of science journels and love your genre. I really enjoy debut authors. Looking forward to anything you publish!

Charles Vrooman (greenpower) | 124 comments REMINDER: 99¢ Amazon countdown special ends tomorrow (5/7/15 at midnight PT) for biotech thriller - “The True Virus”. Hamas bioterrorist hacks into the DNA component of CIA’s computer to create an Ebola virus to use against Israel.

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