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luriel aramanth & male & twenty-one

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Luriel's eyes were trained on the pages of a book in his hands, but his mind was elsewhere. He had plans, big plans, concerning his life, and this had not been in them. Being an orderly, while tedious, wasn't too bad in his opinion--but it could be better. He didn't much like sitting and watching dozens of patients shuffle in or out of the rec room. Some were lucid, and others weren't. It was a gamble on his part, a gamble on who would have an episode and who would have a sudden epiphany-- hey, I'm in a mental institution; why the hell am I here?--and who would simply stay within their routine of playing the same game over and over again. Luriel wasn't one to lie to himself; he didn't think it did him much good, but this was also something that he didn't think could go on: he was borderline miserable.

He hadn't signed on for this. His mother--isn't it always the parent or guardian--had done that for him. A psychiatrist by profession and happily employed by this very same mental institution, she'd wanted him close and to follow in her footsteps. While he did want to go into psychology and medicine, he was more interested in giving his services to the legal side of life. As in, probably some behavioral work for the FBI. That sounded grand--taxing, too--but grand. And nothing like sitting behind a desk and watching patients.

There was also the management of pills. Some of them were too colorful to mistake for another, and others looked exactly the same. Good thing they were all labeled; he'd probably hand someone the wrong medication if not for the labels. He glanced at the clock, checking to see if it was yet time to hand out the assortment of medical candies to any of the patients in the room. Fortunately, it wasn't. It wasn't so much that he didn't like interacting with the patients; no, most of them had some interesting things to say. It was more along the lines that he scared them.

Luriel had always been told that he should smile more, be less serious. He was once told that he "was probably a grown man at age four." This, of course, coming from his mother. She would know, he supposed, considering he had no recollection of anything earlier than age five. Or maybe more; it was a shaking assumption he'd made during a Psych class on memory. But, that only led back to the fact that he did look a little sullen most days. Features straightened with concentration on one thing or another, and his impressive height wasn't helping in any way at all. A sigh left his lips as he rubbed his eyes, momentarily closing his book.

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[ no, that's fine ^-^ I think her creepiness is quite entertaining ]

Luriel blinked slowly, snapping out of a string of thoughts. His eyes found the clock again, silently praying for his shift to end so that he wouldn't have to stay seated in this chair. Of course, that was about two hours away, if the clock was correct. Two more hours of monitoring fairly docile patients, considering the batch that had been brought in so far. He was quite glad for this, truthfully. He could have gotten the group on experimental drugs, like one of his coworkers. He'd been regaled with tales of woe and disorder in the rec room because of it.

His gaze swept over the room, surveying the occupants. None too severe in their cases, if his memory served him well. There was the occasional family member coming to visit, but he'd learned early on that those were rare. Those that did come came like clockwork, same time everyday. Like their lives depended on it. Then there were the still rare cases of family members that actually cared about those they'd put into the institution. Calm smiles and endearing conversations that'd overhear often.

He paused in his examination of the room, spotting a familiar face. A patient he'd never talked to, but always seemed to sit in the same spot. Or, rather, spots. All oddly within a close range of him. He didn't think much of this; he'd always thought that some of these patients were more sane than they let on, and liked the company of a sane person every now and then. But, he also didn't think that this was the case with this girl.

Dark haired and wide eyed, she was always there. She looked sullen when she left, but was a ball of joy whenever she came in. He didn't have all the details on her, but he did know what kind of medications she took. Nothing serious, but still enough that it was something take note of. Jaw clenching with thought, he returned to his book. It wasn't too entertaining; an incredibly dull required reading. There was something about being told that something was part of a curriculum that made him not want to read it. He was still stuck on page ninety-three, chugging along sluggishly. He'd have to write up a chapter synopsis later tonight, which he wasn't looking forward to one bit.

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There was a voice just above him, timid and soft. Like she was afraid of scaring off a small creature. Luriel lifted his eyes from the page to see who it was speaking to him. Of course, part of him had expected who he saw. For all this aimless and distracted thinking, he'd wondered if she'd always watch him or actually try to talk to him. It was a routine thing for him, though, something he ran into with most people that found themselves attracted to him. They'd wait and watch, or pounce so quickly he didn't have much time to quietly reject any of their propositions. This, he figured, would be no different.

At the question of what he was reading, he let the book close over his thumb as he held up the hardcover book. It was a little heavier than it looked, but nothing too extreme. A sort sensation of movement against his fingers, and yep, there was a paper cut he'd have to wrap a band-aid around later on. "Descartes' Choice," he replied, words drawled out to indicate his current emotions, "Not too entertaining, but fairly educational." A lazy shrug lifted his shoulders just barely before they fell back down. A smile, as usual, had yet to touch his lips.

If there was on thing that Luriel was known for at the institution besides the fact that he shared the same last name with one of the doctors, it was that he had a certain arresting sour face. Eyes not too wide but just wide enough to convey some sort of skepticism, lips curled halfway towards a scowl and brows headed towards his hairline. That was one thing he'd never dispute, mostly because he didn't look in a mirror for more than just checking if his nose ring didn't fall out. He tended to forget it was there every now and then. Speaking of which, had he taken it off today? He was sure he had, but he raised a finger to casually flick where it would have been to be sure that it wasn't there.

"What about you; what're you reading," he inquired, looking to the novel forgotten on the table. He didn't want to encourage anything, but at the same time, he was interested in what she had to say. He'd always thought that, while they might be stuck in this place, the patients had ample amount of time and imagination to make up something to keep themselves entertained when they weren't in the rec room. Or, he hoped as much was the case.

This was, after all, only his second year. Volunteering, of course, because why would he take a job with such long hours with classes that met early in the morning and in the afternoon? He wasn't sure he was ready for that just yet. The key to life was supposed to balance, and he didn't have that part down yet--not by a long-shot.

[ sorry, this was very bad >.< ]

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