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Christine | 1217 comments This thread is for general conversation about our May 2015 New School group read, The Leopard by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. Please DO NOT post spoilers in this thread!

message 2: by Pink (new)

Pink | 6556 comments Looking forward to this one....but I'm only number 4 on the library waiting list so might be late getting to it.

message 3: by Melanti (new) - added it

Melanti | 2384 comments I should have paid more attention to my library's card catalog before voting for this book!

The library has a copy but it's a limited edition. It's part of the special collections branch and you can't check it out. Sigh. And the ebook is a bit out of my price range for something I'm not sure I'll like.

Oh well. This might be a good excuse to go spend some more time at that branch. I hardly ever visit and it's gorgeous.

Christine | 1217 comments I didn't want to spend $10 on the kindle edition either. I ended up getting it on audio from Audible for about $5 during a sale. Looking forward to listening to it, but I have a couple of books I need to get through first!

Philina | 1562 comments I've already started, but I have to finish something else first as well.

Andrea AKA Catsos Person (catsosperson) | 1791 comments My library system only had one hard copy and eAudio.

Thankfully, there was no waiting list for the hard copy though I would have preferred an eBook.

Nathan | 421 comments I'm picking this up from my local library tomorrow. I was lucky. Out of 80 libraries in my local library cooperative, my branch is one of two that has The Leopard and it was on the shelf when I put my request in online.

Andrea AKA Catsos Person (catsosperson) | 1791 comments I'm partly along into part II

I'm "into" this book. I want to keep reading to see what happens.

I had never heard of it until it was nominated/won the vote here.

However, don't like the way that the book is divided.

Silver | 8 comments I don't know much about the politics and social structure of Italy during the 19th century but I am quite enjoying the book thus far. I really enjoy the satirical and ironic humur. Thus far I am quite engaged in the story.

Andrea AKA Catsos Person (catsosperson) | 1791 comments Silver, I don't understand the social and political issues either but I did read about Garibaldi in Wikipedia. It helped a lot.

I don't post the link to the article here bec I'm using the iPhone app rather than a pc.

I am very engaged with this book.

I'm just sorry that I have to read it in dead tree rather than as an eBook to facilitate its reading during breaks at work.

Silver | 8 comments I also found this article helpful about the Unification of Italy

Christine | 1217 comments I started listening to this today, and so far it's been engaging. I haven't had much time to read this month, so I hope I'm able to finish it in a timely fashion!

message 13: by Pink (new)

Pink | 6556 comments I don't think I'll be getting to this in May, as I'm still number 4 on the waiting list at my library. I've looked in their ebook catalogue and elsewhere online, but haven't had any luck. I guess I'll just read this later when it becomes available.

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