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message 1: by Candiss (new)

Candiss (tantara) | 1207 comments Please let us know if you've read or are planning to read The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin.

Please, **NO SPOILERS!!**

message 2: by Stuart (new)

Stuart (asfus) | 136 comments Read many many years ago, will reread at some point.

message 3: by Candiss (new)

Candiss (tantara) | 1207 comments I'm in for this one. I don't even have to wait for a library hold for once, as I have a copy I've had on the shelf for too many years.

I'll be starting when I finish my current read, probably by the end of the weekend.

message 4: by carol. (new)

carol. | 173 comments Thinking about joining in. Depends--it is a busy month and this is a heavy read.

message 5: by Kathi, Moderator & Book Lover (new)

Kathi | 3221 comments Mod
I've read some of the Hainish books but I don't have this on my shelf and probably won't read it for this month. I'm hoping the discussion jogs my brain to help me remember if I ever read it.

message 6: by Mekki (new)

Mekki | 18 comments I tried this one once and I gave up for some reason. I'll give it another stab.

message 7: by Guy (new)

Guy I'm at 30%. Can't say I'm loving it so far but hoping to be surprised later on, especially in light of some of the glowing reviews it's had from people whose opinions I generally trust...

message 8: by Richard (new)

Richard (thinkingbluecountingtwo) | 136 comments I've read this a couple of times. The last was a few years ago now.

It is definately a finely crafted work. Intelligent, moving and thought provoking but both times I found it a little dry and slow.
A more thoughtful and intelligent reader with a finer emotional sense will certainly get a lot from this book; I however found it rather less enjoyable than the other works by her that I've read.

Afraid I don't think I'll get around to another re-read this time, just too many other books about, that I really must read for the first time.

Would still highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys thoughtful sociological leaning SF though.

message 9: by Shel, Moderator (new)

Shel (shel99) | 2241 comments Mod
I'm about 75 pages in and really enjoying it so far. I love LeGuin's writing - I'm one of those who does enjoy "thoughtful sociological leaning SF", thanks Richard - and am surprised I never got around to reading this one earlier, so thanks to the group for the kick in the pants to get moving on it!

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