The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus, #2) The Son of Neptune question

Camp Jupiter or Camp Half-blood
Mrs. Allen 107 (The Kansan Reader) Mrs. Allen 107 (The Kansan Reader) May 01, 2015 09:51AM
Which camp would you want to be and if so which cabin/cohort are you in?

For me, I would be in camp Half-Blood. My cabin is #6 for cabin Athena

Both are lesser compared to the Egyptian magician home, Brooklyn House. Rome seems to be too traditional and set in it's old-fashioned ways. They have way too many power struggles and bias towards non-elite(?) demigods. Camp Half-Blood seems to only teach you fighting skills and not academics of any sort. Plus, they have the whole thing where only Percy and Annabeth go on quests. Nobody else really gets a chance. Brooklyn House on the other hand seems to judge you on your skill level. It has a lot more opportunities for learning so you can choose your path instead of having it handed to you. They do not treat you on recommendations from other people or from where you came from.

K.S. Abhishek That is actually quite insightful.
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Camp half blood. In camp jupiter they give you to much hard work

Camp Jupiter 'cuz, I don't wanna compete with Percy for popularity........

It would be Camp HB for me

camp half blood!

Camp Half Blood. No contest.


Camp Half Blood,it's way more fun than Camp Jupiter.I'd like to be in Cabin #6,maybe.

but camp half blood

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Camp Half blood!

Camp Half-Blood

Camp Half-Blood of course. Life in Camp Jupiter is to risky


B Nov 28, 2015 12:42AM   0 votes
CAMP HALF-BLOOD PEOPLE and I'd probably be in either Athena's or Poseidon's cabin.

I like Camp Half Blood.
I don't know camp Jupiter that much and i think camp Half Blood is funner.

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Camp Jupiter!

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Camp Half Blood, duh!!!!!! Camp Jupiter is way too strict and I know Camp Half Blood better. Did you know they have a REAL Camp Half Blood? This site for more info.


Camp Half Blood. There's more activities and less fighting. Camp Jupiter isn't exactly my taste.
Cabin #6 Athena

what kind of question is this? lol. it's obviously camp half-blood. Half-blood has more history and honestly it way cooler than camp jupiter

Manderly (last edited Nov 29, 2015 01:25PM ) May 02, 2015 05:31PM   0 votes
Came half blood.Camp Jupiter too strict.i would be in poseidon's cabin

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I am so hangin with da horse-man
So lovin Chiron.
Oh and don't forget the pegasi!!!!
omg pegasi!
and that is where everyone is at ya'll!!!
Nico.... Grover... Percy.... all except LEO!!!
*bursts into tears*

CAMP HALF-BLOOD all the way, Camp Jupiter is a little too strict for my taste.

I say BOTH!! Camp Half-Blood sounds like an awesome summer camp and camp Jupiter sounds like one for settling down after many many quests. BUT Camp half blood the most


F 25x33
Rose Frost HB cabin 3 poseidon
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