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meep! Hey-O Deleted!

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You do relize we cant rp sex on this group, right?

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Yeah I know, so on this one can we do M x F?

And can I be le female?

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shure =)

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Name : Markus
Age: 23?
Apperance: Same as last RP picture. Older though with a scar under his left eye

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Name: Eliza Matthews
Age: 20
Appearance: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing...

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can you start?

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Eliza was hanging out in front of the music store downtown, her eyes were glued to her phone screen as she waited for a friend.

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(whos the friend)

he walks past the mcdonalds and walks to the ___

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(( I'll just play the friend for the whole RP, well when he needs to be mentioned ))

Eliza sighed and she decided head to the restaurant downtown later after lunch, her friend Steven finally came out.

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he walks to the book store, reading a book. he smiles, and then one of his friends approach him.

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Steven poked Eliza, " let's head down to the bookstore," Steven said.

" You won't find any girls there Steven," Eliza said.

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his friend and him talk for a second, then he leaves. he just stays in his seat, reading.

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Steven pulled Eliza into the bookstore. " Come on, just read one book?" Steven whispered loudly.

" I don't want to read a book!" Eliza hissed loudly back.

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he hears them, and glares at both of them, then goes back to his book.

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Eliza yanked her arm out of Stevens grasp, " One book, I'll read one book," Eliza whispered softly.

" That's all I ask," Steven answered as he goes over to a girl who was checking him out.

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he reads siletly, a seat next to his. he lets out a sighs, and starts to relaxe as he reads his book.

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Eliza goes and looks for a book.

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He looks at her

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Eliza mutters to herself as she looked for a book.

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He watches her. She was weird

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Eliza pulls out a book about a love triangle between three homosexuals.

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He looks at the book she chose


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(( No ))

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(His thoughts)

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(( Ahh okay ))

Eliza put it back as she wrinkled her nose up in disgust.

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He smiles at her, and then keeps reading.

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Eliza contiued to search the bookshelves, tripping over a few books, she bent down and picked them up.

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He looms at her.

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Eliza found one about medical examinations and she began to walk towards a corner where she sat down and began reading the book.

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he smiles over at her.

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Eliza was lost in the book, she didn't bother to look up, not even when a guy came over to her, it wasn't Steven or that guy they disturbed, it was a total creep that decided to come over to her.

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he watches what was hapeening, and took caution. that smile that the man had on his face wasnt nutural. It was just creepy. he sits forward a bit.

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" Your blocking my reading light," Eliza muttered to the man, the man didn't move.

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

he was ready to get up and defend her, but if he did, he'd look like a stalket. he waits for him to make a move,

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Eliza closed her eyes and sighed, " Please move out of my fucking reading light," Eliza said in a whisper.

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he listens to the small wispers, and then sees her looking like she was bothered. he gets up "she said move asshole" he says to the guy

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The guy turned, " fuck off, she's mine," the guy said.

Eliza felt very uncomfortable as the guy moved closer to her.

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he shoves him back "i dont want her, but i dont want anymore to be a dosh" he frowns.

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The guy lunged forward grabbing Eliza harshly by the wrist.

Steven looked up at saw Eliza, he was too faraway, " Eliza!" Steven called as he got up.

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he grabs the guy in a choke hold, and pulls him away. he punches his in the forhead, then throws him forward. he looks at the woman that was harrased "you okay?" he asks.

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The guy coughs and is pulled out of the building by the head security.

" He broke my wrist," Eliza muttered.

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he sighs "i can drive you to the hospital" he says, then helps her up gently.

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Eliza stood up.

Steven came running over, " Eliza are you okay, " Steven asked her, he put a hand on her shoulder.

Eliza flinched away from him, he wasn't there to save her, and he promised that he'd always be there to save her.

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he backs up a bit, and lets them two talk about whatever

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" Leave me alone Steven," Eliza said as she walked away.

Steven stood there, mad, not at her at himself, he walked the other way, but he didn't go back to the lady friend he made.

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he looks at her "Ready to go?" he asks, and then looks at her. she looked hurt a lot more than by her wrist.

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" Yeah," Eliza answered.

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he nods, and walks outside to his car with her. it wasnt fancy. just a normal car. he opens the side door for her

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