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Or just a normal MxF?

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Could I be the girl?

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments Yes I will be the guy

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So any plot in mind?

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments A guy meets a cute girl at school and they go to the park to fall in love

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That's so cheesy~v~

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments We'll have any other ideas

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Nope, I have no ideas, except maybe two best friends are starting to fall for each other and after one incident they decide that they should get together?

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Kk so characters?

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments Name:Sam
Appearance: tall, brown hair, blue eyes
Likes: girls, drawing, games
Dislikes: bugs and bullies

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Name: Eliza Cortana Angel Matthews
Nicknames: Eli, Angel, and Matthews( Used by sam*v^))
Appearance: http://s2.favim.com/orig/37/beautiful...
Likes: Boys, sports and work
Dislikes: Teachers, Her mother, and her sisters

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments Ok so u start

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Eliza, like always, was running around the school track in the morning, her blonde wavy locks were put up into a ponytail, which now bobbed in the wind as she ran.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments Sam was watching her run and cheering for her "go Eliza go" Sam had said to her as she ran

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Eliza grinned up at Sam, he was always such an idiot, but he did help her a lot, so she had no reason to kill the guy yet, she contiued running until her coach told her to stop, " I'm not tired!" Eliza lied.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments Sam smiled at Eliza as she continued to run

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Coach allowed her to continue, " If she falls down in exhaustion, tell her I told her so," Coach said to Sam throwing his hands up into the air in exasperation and he left the two, he disappeared into the school.

Eliza ran over to Sam, " He falls for it every time!" Eliza said as she hopped over the bench, she walks over to her bag, and grabs a water bottle out.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "Your pretty fast Eliza" Sam had said to her

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" Ugh! I am not that fast Sam, you know that," Eliza said as she sat down on the bleachers,

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "Well to me you are" Sam said while he was looking at her

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" well then your pretty messed up," Eliza teased.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "Okay but there is one thing I am right on" Sam said

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" And what are you right about?" Eliza asked as she laid down on the cold bleachers staring at Sam.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "Your beautiful"

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Eliza choked on her water, and she quickly sat up, trying to swallow the water.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "You okay"

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Eliza managed to swallow the water, " I'm just fine, you just surprised me with your reply," Eliza said wheezing a little as she coughed.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "Okay I hope your okay I got worried for a second"

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" I'm fine, I swear on my mother's grave that I am fine," Eliza said as she looked down at her shoes.

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Eliza looked up at Sam, " Do you actually believe that I am beautiful?" Eliza whispered as she avoided Sam's gaze.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "Yes I do I believe your the most beautiful girl I have ever seen"

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Eliza smiled softly and she hugged Sam.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments Sam smiled "besides I like you a lot"

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Eliza blushed, she wanted to admit to Sam that she liked him too, but she couldn't bring her self to do so.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments Sam smiled at her

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Eliza smiled, she pulled back a bit, she looked at her phone, " The bell is going to ring soon, we better get inside," Eliza mutters softly.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "Agree" Sam had said

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Eliza gets all her stuff and she stuffs it into her bag, and she heads towards the school, " Race yah," Elza teased.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "Okay" as Sam starts to run

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Eliza dashed past Sam, " ha you always fall for it!" Eliza teased as she ran backwards perfectly without bumping into anything.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "Show off" Sam had said to her

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Eliza grinned, " That's just.harsh," Eliza said in a fake hurt tone as she opens the door.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "Funny you are cute tho"

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Eliza grinned, " I live to be cute and funny," Eliza said with a giggle.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "Yeah that's great but I have a question" SAMs face began to turn red

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" Well ask away," Eliza said.

Патріцк (pro surfer) (SonofPoseidon) | 284 comments "Will you go out with me" SAMs face was completely red

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