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message 1: by Werner (new) - added it

Werner | 1522 comments Today, we start our common read of A Soldier's Duty (Theirs Not to Reason Why, #1) by Jean Johnson by Goodreads author Jean Johnson, who has some 55 distinct works to her credit. This one opens her Theirs Not to Reason Why military SF series, which has five books in it so far. As we read it together, this will be the thread for sharing your comments, questions, reactions, speculations, etc. --remember to use spoiler tags if appropriate!

As with all of our common reads, participation is strictly voluntary. I'll be joining in, but it looks like I'll be a few days late in starting. My ILL copy hasn't arrived yet; but it's in the mail!

message 2: by Werner (new) - added it

Werner | 1522 comments Since our common reads were my idea, I feel a sense of obligation to take part, even when (as is the case here) the book chosen isn't my preference. So when I started on this book today, I had full intentions of reading it to the end. However, one session of reading has convinced me that this one is SO thoroughly uncongenial to my tastes that it would be masochistic to go on with it. So, I'm going to sit this one out; life's too short to spend it on books you won't like.

That's just me personally; other readers might find this right up their alley! This thread remains open for discussion, and I hope everybody taking part in the read enjoys it immensely.

message 3: by Derrick (new) - added it

Derrick (noetichatter) | 91 comments I hope to finally participate, for the first time in years. I bought the kindle book, so we shall see.

message 4: by Werner (new) - added it

Werner | 1522 comments Since this book garnered enough votes to win the poll, I'm counting on there being some folks who'll participate! At least two of our members have already read it (and liked it, in varying degrees), so hopefully they'll chime in on the discussion with their perspectives, as well.

message 5: by Werner (new) - added it

Werner | 1522 comments By accident, I just discovered a Goodreads feature I didn't know existed: if you go to your list of groups that you're in, and then click the book icon shown next to any group that's doing a common read, it'll bring up a list of group members who've shelved, rated, or reviewed it so far, with their reactions and statuses shown. In this case, it shows that this read has gotten off to a slow start; our co-mod, Danielle, is the only one currently reading it (although several people have marked it as to-read), which helps to explain why we haven't had more discussion of it. Three people in the group have read it already, and rated it at three, four and five stars respectively, but only one, Mike the Paladin, has reviewed it. (His review was the three-star.)

Maybe linking to that review, and some others, will provide some grist for thought and discussion. Here's Mike's review: . For other perspectives, positive and negative, here are a four-star review from Gail Carriger, herself a very successful author (of the Parasol Protectorate series), and a two-star review: and .

message 6: by Werner (new) - added it

Werner | 1522 comments Robin, you originally suggested this book for a common read, and gave it five stars, so you obviously liked it. For you as a reader, what are the things that made it stand out to you, and earned it its five stars? What sorts of things, in your opinion, does Johnson do well here as a writer?

message 7: by Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (last edited May 22, 2015 09:41PM) (new) - added it

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 360 comments I started this a few days ago. It's not going to be a quick read. The print in my copy is so small, it's tedious to read. The storyline is intriguing. I'm not sure about where she's going as far as the religious angle.

I'm going to power through, although it may take me a while. I'm actually signed up to read two of the later book in the series for my review gig.

message 8: by Jon (new)

Jon Abbott | 297 comments I read the other two common reads years ago. The first book of Hungers Games (read long before the movie) was excellent - nothing similar to it back then; by the third book the series is so-so. I think I've read all of the Honor Harrington books, which were great for the first half dozen but have become long winded and less plot & plot twist driven.

I read A Soldier's Duty last year; again, I found the first book of the series very good, although the mystical element is a bit tough on my ability to 'suspend disbelief'. I urge you all to keep going with it. Definitely a very kick ass heroine.

message 9: by Werner (new) - added it

Werner | 1522 comments Well, the common read of this book is officially over (I just haven't had time to close it out until now). But this thread will remain open, of course, and people who read the book later and want to comment on it can always do so!

message 10: by Jon (last edited Jul 05, 2015 04:46PM) (new)

Jon Abbott | 297 comments Jean Johnson has a new book out called The Terrans, which I couldn't find on Goodreads. Supposedly it too has an action heroine.

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